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  1. adityam533

    Post [tool] Multirom v3 , DualBoot Patcher Updated to version 3

    Does not work with ressurection rom.. Tried with every partition.. I wish to run it with data or secondary but doesnt work.. Cm roms work fine on data and ext sd..plz help with rr rom
  2. adityam533

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r72][Stable]ResurrectionRemix v5.7.4 [20-10-2016][G7102 /G7105]

    Wont work on dual boot..even after trying every partition
  3. adityam533

    Post WhatsApp Group Grand 2

    Add me on group Hey guyzzz, m too a fellow user of grand 2 and a developer add me. +91-8460204961
  4. adityam533

    Post Official Whatsapp Grand 2 Developers And Senior Memebers Group

    Add me on group Hey guyzz, m too fellow user of grand 2 and also a developer , add me . +91-8460204961
  5. adityam533

    Post [ROM][DEV]Wild-Droid v1[DXKT7]

    i m talking about additional build properties...
  6. adityam533

    Post [ROM][DEV]Wild-Droid v1[DXKT7]

    who is spammer we know..
  7. adityam533

    Post [ROM][DEV]Wild-Droid v1[DXKT7]

    u and i both only know the truth
  8. adityam533

    Post [ROM][DEV]Wild-Droid v1[DXKT7]

    i m 100% sure its my rom used just added and replaced some system apps..and released it. for proof pls see my roms build.prop and his build.prop... he just replaced name in that.. and all additional build properties are same as in mine....
  9. adityam533

    Thread moderator delete thid thread......

    pls remove this thread moderator rom has a major bug i found after uploading and posting rom sorry to all users i will soon be back with working stock jelly bean rom..
  10. adityam533

    Post cm9 nightly by maclaw link?

    it has been deleted from xda