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  1. AdX9170

    Post OnePlus 5 North American Discussion

    Ordered one a couple of hours after the launch! Estimated delivery: 6/26 :)
  2. AdX9170

    Post KitKat Quick Glance

    I'm kinda surprised with all ur reviews here coz I don't have any lag issues whatsoever. I'm using a prerooted version of .230 on my C5502. The phone is responsive, I got a decent antutu score of around 21225 and the battery barely drains.. I had a perfectly flat battery graph for abt 4 n a...
  3. AdX9170

    Post [Root][4.4.2][LB/UB] Stock 10.5.A.0.230 Xperia ZR

    Can u make one for C5502 LB as well?
  4. AdX9170

    Post FW 10.5.A.0.230 - Kitkat 4.4 Finally Rolling Out !

    WOOHOOO!!! Now just gotta wait for someone to upload a deodexed prerooted version here on XDA :p
  5. AdX9170

    Post [Stock Rom][LB/UB] Xperia ZR 4.3 10.4.B.0.101 INDIAN Pre-Rooted Flashable Zip & Dual Recovery [Indian Variant]

    If I have a working recovery on 4.3, do i need to perform the flashtool step of flashing the generic indian ftf or is it enough to install the prerooted rom through the recovery??
  6. AdX9170

    Post POST your Photos taken by Xperia ZR

    Don't remember the settings.. I think it was on manual with cloudy white balance, +.3 exposure, HDR off, no flash, n ISO 200 Sent from my C5502 using xda app-developers app
  7. AdX9170

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] AOKP :: kitkat :: test builds :: dogo {ZR}

    Hi champswimmer, good to see u here. I remember u from the Xperia X10 forums. Welcome to the world of Xperia ZR users! Can't wait to see u work ur magic with this phone :beer: I will try testing the builds and report any issues I find, but probably only once they get a bit more stable as this is...
  8. AdX9170

    Post [MOD][Xposed] Xperia Flip Settings

    Regarding NFC First of all, thank you for the wonderful mod. :) The experience is brilliant but it lacks just one thing: NFC toggle in the quick settings. Please note that I am using GravityBox, and this does not have the option to add the NFC toggle either. I know this has been reported before...
  9. AdX9170

    Post Sense 5 update fails CID 038 India (Solved)

    No no I think u didn't get me. the ota update was shown on my phone. It gave me a notification that an update is available. I didn't download the update manually from xda. the download happened on my phone thru the ota service itself.
  10. AdX9170

    Post Sense 5 update fails CID 038 India (Solved)

    That's not the case here.. I got an ota update in the device a couple of months back but it wouldn't install on its own so I installed that very downloaded zip file through cwm recovery..
  11. AdX9170

    Post CalculatorWidget.apk

    I need the stock one coz the ota update is giving an assert fail.. :-/
  12. AdX9170

    Thread CalculatorWidget.apk

    Hey can someone post the stock calculatorwidget.apk from a stock 4.1.1 rom? OTA update to 4.2.2 is failing on my phone as the CalculatorWidget.apk on it doesnt match the signature in the assert
  13. AdX9170

    Post Sense 5 update fails CID 038 India (Solved)

    i got an "assert failed: apply_patch_check" error for the calculator widget.
  14. AdX9170

    Post (Q) Anyone in India got the 4.2.2 update

    This thread is about ZR owners in India so v really can't help u much with an update in Germany :( :( Try contacting Sony to find out if they hv started the update process in Germany. The Sony site mentioned an update for a month n a half before v actually started receiving it here in India...
  15. AdX9170

    Post (Q) Anyone in India got the 4.2.2 update

    I'm using HD widgets.. It's really awesome. Highly customizable Sent from my C5502 using xda app-developers app