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    Post [ROM] [8.0.0] LightROM Lite v1.0 For G610X

    Screen just stay black after flashing and rebooting (clean flash). Provided md5 hash doesn't match the Google Drive ROM File. Can you please verify?
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    Post [TREBLE][ARM64][VENDOR] Project Treblue for G610X

    Try flashing TWRP through Odin 🤞 Edit: I think you can hold power button and volume down in order to leave recovery and than boot to Download mode to flash TWRP through Odin
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    Post Android 11 one ui 3.0 rom needed

    Sorry buddy, that's not how things works, you can try build it by yourself and see why it isn't available yet. Demanding will not help you. I hope you can understand, I not meant to be rude.
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    Post THEREALROM | 復活者 - Pure Edition [G610X, G611X - 9] Let me know if you can't download it, I don't know yet how to manage permissions well so that other people can download it. Also I'll be removing the file soon, since it is not mine and I don't have permission...
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    Post THEREALROM | 復活者 - Pure Edition [G610X, G611X - 9]

    Flash Oxygen Kernel v6.0.138 and edit the camera-feature.xml file (located at /system/cameradata/camera-feature.xml) adding the following lines: <local name="CAMERA_FRONT_FLASH" value="true" /> <local name="CAMERA_SCREEN_FLASH_VI" value="true" /> Save the file and reboot.
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    Post THEREALROM | 復活者 - Treble Edition [G610X - 10]

    Very good ROM but, the fingerprint is not working for some apps (X-plore File Manager, Bank apps), it's gives the error: "Fingerprint create key: keystore operation failed" and "Fingerprint init cipher (provider exception) keystore operation failed". Clean flash and only Create vendor + ROM...
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    Post [KERNEL][J7 Prime/ON NXT][8.0+] Oxygen Kernel v6.0.138

    Look at the previous page, someone re-uploaded it:
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    Post [ROM] [9] [SAPIENT_OS] [V.3.0] [GALAXY_J6_PORT] For [GALAXY J7 PRIME]

    Sorry but what's the problem with the mentioned instructions? Do you already have TWRP installed? ( If so, install the Create Vendor 2.0 through TWRP...
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    Post [ROM] [9] [Treble] sapient os v2.0 galaxy a6 port by divyam variya

    Very good ROM, the only "problem" for me is the recent apps view that sometimes when I click on an app it freezes the phone for some seconds, IDK why this happens but just installed Good Lock 2019 + Task Changer and switched it to Carrossel layout and it's fixed.
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    Post [Treble][ARM64][AOSP][G610X]Project_Spaget X

    With SpagetX you can, just follow the instructions, and use ARM64_AONLY GSI (avoid sGSI)
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    Post [Treble][ARM64][AOSP][G610X]Project_Spaget X

    For me this also happened some times but you just need to flash the "" and "" also after you flash the ROM. Yes, flash it before the ROM and also after (before the first boot). At least for me this solved the problem all the times I...
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    Post Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G610M - G610M/DS - Android 7 Nougat Stock ☆ TTT - SPL 2018-06-01 ☆ Here is it, install the 3.2.3 version. But please, speak in english here,it is against the rules to use another language as only a small number of people will...
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    Post [ROM] [9.0] Venom One UI® [OFFICIAL] [G610X] [Full-Stable]

    The G610(M) variant have a frontal flash instead of the notification led. But mine is working fine without having to install any fix/patch...
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    Post [ROM] [9.0] Venom One UI® [OFFICIAL] [G610X] [Full-Stable]

    Yes but, in your ROM only some applications can be enabled, while in other ROMs all apps can (I believe it is a modification they made in the Dual Messenger app to become compatible with not only Messengers but with any apps instead). Maybe you can implement it, I researched but didn't find how...
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    Post [ROM] [9.0] Venom One UI® [OFFICIAL] [G610X] [Full-Stable]

    Gmail it's working fine for me. OP, Is there a possibility that you can bring Dual Messenger for all applications like other ROMs? The ROM is perfect, that's the only thing I'm missing. Thank you so much for your work!!!