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    Thread [Q] Issues with recovery flashing post Lollipop update.

    I have been having this issue with flashing recovery on my Nex5 ever since I installed lollipop(factory image). I have repeatedly tried to install TWRP ( on my device but it just doesn't seem to stick no matter what I try. Each time it gets installed but as soon the the system reboots...
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    Post [ROM] [5.0.2] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 5.0 [ALPHA1]

    cant install with twrp i have downloaded it twice from PA website and both files seem to get stuck during installation. Tried both only factory reset as well as clean wipe, but still won't install in either case. I am using TWRP Please advice!
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    Post Hard Bricked...

    drain and recharge if you have a secondary phone use it for a few days and leave your Nex5 to drain. Should be completely drained in 2-3 days. Then charge it up and try to enter bootloader. :eek: PS: you could also try to open the phone and manually disconnect and reconnect the battery... :D
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    Thread Is the US Nexus 5 compatible with Indian carriers?

    Hi there I am tierd of waiting for the Nexus 5 to be realeased in India so I am getting one from US. I plan to use Vodafone 3G in Delhi/NCR and Airtel 4G in Pune(mostly will be in Pune). Just wanted to know if there would be any compatibility issues. Also, what is the average shipping period as...
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    Post [V4A][IRS][DDC]103 Headphone correction IRS/DDC filters--2016-06-05 5 new HiFi models

    request for bose ae2 hi there. could you make one for Bose AE2s. The information is available on goldenears.... thanks a ton.
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    Thread gtab2 stuck on boot up

    i recently flashed cm 10.2 unoffical build on my p5110 but finding that the SIM card was not working, i tried to flash cm 101.1 stable. NOw i am stuck on boot up(blank screen... not even boot animation). Tried clea wipe and flash it over and over, even after /system wipe, does not seem to work...
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    Thread [Q] stuck on boot up. plz advice

    hi there i recently installed cm 10.2 unofficial build on my p5110 and it seemed OK but the SIM card was not working. So, I tried to flash 10.1 stable. Since then im stuck on boot (refer the attachment for the screenshot). How can this be fixed?
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    Post GNex stuck in boot loop since 4.3 flash

    thanks for your help.. but I ended up flashing factory image of 4.3 which fixed the problem. Also I wnted to ask if you know of any 4.3 kernels that have implemented high performance audio mod. So far I have tried Faux and Hybrid but both dont have it.
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    Thread GNex stuck in boot loop since 4.3 flash

    Few hours before this post I flashed a rooted version of android 4.3 from the thread by "Carlos_Manuel". However, following that the supersu was not working I flashed the supersu binaries over the ROM from TWRP. Since then, it is stuck in boot loop at the Google Logo. Tried flashing PA...
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    Post Where to buy replacement parts for my GNex

    i have been looking around for a while. I found this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-SAMSUNG-GALAXY-NEXUS-I9250-REPLACEMENT-CHARGER-PORT-FLEX-RIBBON-CABLE-/150922696330?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item2323b1968a This looks genuine but I want to be sur since it will take quite some time...
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    Thread Where to buy replacement parts for my GNex

    I am looking for an online dealer that can ship me a replacement charging port flex cable who is reliable and can ship the part to India at a reasonable price. Thanks in advnace
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    Post [Q] Stuck in boot loop without any ROM

    when i connect my phone to the pc, i get a "USB Device not Recognised" pop up. The adb as well as fastboot do not detect the device...
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    Thread [Q] Stuck in boot loop without any ROM

    Hi there I accidentally formatted the /sdcard, /system, as well as /cache partitions on my device. When I connect my device to my computer in fast boot mode, nothing comes up, it does not get detected and when I connect it after its switched off, it shows device not recognized. Please help me, I...
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    Post How to fix my GNex now.!!

    plz read the entire post before replying.... as I said there is no ROM...... i CANT BOOT IT....
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    Post How to fix my GNex now.!!

    i have already done that... my problem is my phone is entirely wiped, no ROM on it plus no ROM on the internal sdcard as well.... Also, the microUSB port does not work any longer... so the think I was asking is ... is there a way to transfer a ROM zip without having to repair the USB port which...