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  • hi and thanks for the great roms. i just flashed to the firestorm 6.2 version 25009 and its great. could you tell me what radio would be best for this rom? thanks for the hard work.
    Hello~ I must say thank u first. I 've been using your valkyrie ROM on X1 for a long time but I have a problem on latest x1_firestorm_v6.3.25010LEO. I usually use a font pack to support the ROM with Chinese. But the font pack i always use do work out this time. i changed some other font pack but it's also valid.. i'm wondering is there any fix on font or font file location?
    Can you help me with this?~
    hi bro
    can u plz give me a link for 28232 sys and xip bin QVGA.
    ur help will be highly appreciated

    I just downloaded your last ROM (x1_firestorm_v5.7.23529LEO) and I'm looking to enable two things: HTC volume and slide unlock.

    Can you help me out?

    Hello 47.

    First of all, your ROMs are the best and I'm not exaggerating.
    The only major problem is with Max Manila. Today version 3.0 beta was out, but ironically it's not working properly with your "x1_firestorm_v5.7.21890LEO". Would you please test it and let us know of the solution in the first page?

    Besides, I'm waiting for the next episode of 47 like you do!

    Greetings from Kurdish fans in Iran!

    EDIT: Now it works! Thanks to your efforts! :)
    Hi agent.. i am from india and i wish to donate some money as a reward for your work.... but i dont have any account in paypal.. can you tell me is there any other way to transfer the money.....
    Dude, Great Rom ! I've just installed the one fresh out the oven yesterday. Phone has been responsive and sweet looking, won't blame you for the choice of ringer, since that is subjective. however, the alt button on keyboard on the AT&T version wont work with your stock rom. I've fixed it via a .Cab file on the pheonix thread, you should put it up on your page as well. Solid work, looking forward to more from you !

    Rom Installed :
    valkyrie.ftp v5.5.21889 jan 11 wm6.5

    Cab file Fix for T-Mobile keyboard symbols and home Key:

    Okay, to don't overspam the forum, i'll ask the question here;p! Your ROM is just perfect dude, the best i've ever seen in my life! But... i really dislike the start menu & the icons, i just wan't the standart windows mobile 6.5.X menu & icons (3 rows). You've put a file to change the 3 row collums, but it doesn't works; neither does your menu-cab does.

    Hope you can help me m8^^!

    I am new to the forum and I just flashed your rom "valkyrie.ftp v5.4.28205 jan 02 wm6.5.3.3" but my phone does not look like the HTC-HD2 it looks like windows 6.5 default UI am I doing something wrong? I thought it would look like the HTC HD2
    tell me how to add a Russian keyboard layout, or where this reading.
    rom Valkyrie_v5.1 FireStorm\XPERIO\LEO, htc sense enabled.
    Hi Agent_47,

    I'm a newbie in this forum and i just flasd your TR 28005 yesterday,but i found that the email with exchange only can sync Inbox. Can you guide me to to work with all all other folders? This is very important for me....

    hope you can
    hey agent, just checking out your rom, is that CDMA compatible, or is there another page where I can find one?
    plzzz Agent idk why i cant update the x1_firestorm_v4.3.75TR.7z (i herd this 1 is better then .85)
    do i need to rename it cuz it tell me its a 7z file and i know i need nbh... kovsimg.nbh

    and when i rename to kovsimg im trying to flash but cant

    i have now energy rom tfl3d 2.1 and i want your rom so plzzzzzzzzz help
    i've 1 problem with my screen tactile so i want some help.....

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1i
    Iphone 3GS 16GO
    Hi Agent!

    Can you give me an easy step by step how to make my own Rom´s? I would like to make a swedish clean wm 6.5.xx rom ( possibly with the new 23060 build) but i can´t understand a thing about the tutorial´s. Agent can you give me a helping hand here please?

    Best Regards
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