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    Post [ROM] Sac23 Note 20 Ultra N986U Custom Rom 2_19_21 (Snapdragon)

    Hey guys can someone pm me where I can get my att 20 ultras bootloader unlocked. I pm sac this morning but I bet he's busy. Anyone mind p'ming me
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    Thread Question... been gone from here for a few years

    Man I was a avid flasher,kernel modding, and cooker back in the day... I have been away from the hustle for about 6+ years I believe maybe longer. Yesterday I made the switch from iPhone back to the note 20 ultra. I see nox has become even more prevalent... how has the ability to root, and...
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    Post [ROM][N6][6.0.1_r62][MTC20F] Chroma 08/02/2016 | Substratum Support

    This sounds like its the increasing ring tone feature that's causing problems. There are ways to disable it and remove it completely. So what's happening is that the first sound always starts at a lower volume and then pick it up however if the first sound is a small sound then it doesn't have...
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    Post [ROM][OCT 22][Team Nocturnal] SinLessROM v9.1.0 | Android 6.0

    I have a system update downloaded message poppoing up. Some 29.8 mb update. Any information on that?
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    Use a program like titanium.backup and u can remove it. Or go to the app section and download the new viper aio zip and flash it. It will make it work
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    New update is buttery smooth and apps working great. Only have 2 problems Xanxdroid !! The aosp messenger, they keyboard will just intantly flash open and close right away. Had to install google messenger. The signal icon shows bars then shows no bars I'm in a place with 100% signal didn't...
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    Post [ROM][N6][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]

    I'm waiting for new update to try opengapps aroma edition. Will report soon
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    Post [ROM][6.0 Beta][5.1.1][Official][Nightlies]Team-Exodus for Nexus 6

    I'm loving the customization!! Probably best navigation bar manager on the nexus 6. 1 question, when updating via the updated. Will it only update the necessary files or will it update the entire ROM and change kernel etc. Hellscore b7 t2 zen is running great. Using input boost of 1728 on...
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    Post [ROM] [M] JDX 4.0 [10/6/2015][shamu] [MRA58K]

    To format data. Do u have to use computer or can u just go into advanced in wipe. And do a cchange of partition on it to ext3 then ext4 again?
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    Post AOSiP [CMTE-V4.6 & OMS-V0.2] [6.0.1-r_62]

    Anyone having camera problems? I open camera. If I take one picture especially with back camera it will freeze. And then when u try to re open any app that uses camera it just hangs and says can't connect to camera. This has been happening with chroma as well. Not sure if the new V build screwed...
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    Post [ROM][N6][6.0.1_r62][MTC20F] Chroma 08/02/2016 | Substratum Support

    Anyone having camera problems? Not connecting. Sometime just sit on loading screen. Crahses apps like Snapchat when using back camera. Been weird
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    Post [Kernel] Vindicator [UberTC6/Strict-Alias/Ofast][5.1][GPU OC/UV] [Release-2.4]

    Synapse does not work. No UCI. I read synapse on post 2 but was not working so I thought I'd ask
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    Post [Kernel] Vindicator [UberTC6/Strict-Alias/Ofast][5.1][GPU OC/UV] [Release-2.4]

    Xile what app u use for kernel settings