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Recent content by ajac

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    Post T-Mobile S8+ Software Update

    Just got update to.
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    Post Live wall papers?

    Never mind i downloaded the google wall paper app resolved it! Just in case anyone else is looking!
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    Thread Live wall papers?

    How do you set one? I am in the themes area and wall papers and go weather isnt showing up. I can get it on the lock screen but not on the other screens.
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    Post [Updated 11/9/2019] [UNLOCK] [NETWORK] [CARRIER] any samsung device with Samsung Tool

    I am getting program not unpacked when I hit start loader.
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    Thread SM-g550t2 unlock

    Any method to unlock this phone without paying for it or having to wait 90 days yet?
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    Thread nabi dream

    Kids nabi dream tablet freezing on boot now. cant get it to factor reset think he has the Intel version. Wondering any options I have? Want to reset it back to factory defaults and see if that fixes the freezing issues.
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    Post Galaxy Tab S2 thoughts?

    Have had my s2 9.7 for 24 hours now.. its fast thin light. Wanted an s 8.4 but AT&T sent me this instead. So far so good now just need to find a case.
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    Post Stock firmwares for Kindle Fire HDX (Thor-Apollo)

    Anyone different capable of helping? Have safestrap on but accidentally deleted the stock rom.
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    Post 8.9 hdx return to stock?

    Would have made more sense to respond here then their and anyways your not a mod so dont boss people around. On ignore now first one on XDA wow.
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    Post Stock firmwares for Kindle Fire HDX (Thor-Apollo)

    so wanting to restore my kindle fire hdx 8.9 to factory but deleted the orginal software so its just stock rom.. what can I do?
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    Thread 8.9 hdx return to stock?

    So thinking about returning my 8.9 hdx apollo back to stock and move on to a samsung galaxy s 8.4 wondering how to do this.
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    Post [ROM] HDX Nexus [Safestrap Version] v1.0.1

    how do you get life wallpapers to work with this one? I did it before and I cant remember how. I set the permissions to rw --r --r on both files and it just keeps crashing. I had to factory reset and wanted to allocate more space and forgot I had to go through some pains to get life wallpaper...
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    Thread just got a replacement kindle fire hdx in the mail and well

    Just got a replacement kindle fire hdx 7 3rd generation in the mail for the wife her charging port was damaged and they replaced with no issue and the new one didnt work.. but had this file on it.. all the tablet did was connect to the computer and bring up like 9 removable drives. So here you...
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    Post Kindle fire hdx 8.9 3rd gen live wall papers

    well I figured since I said I was rooted it would been pretty easy to figure out but 3.2.8