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    Post G-Voice Assistant (Google Assistant) for Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches

    Just purchased pro and have a question about sending texts. Currently I tried "Send text to x" which then asked for the message. I tell it what the message should be and then it sends me to a prompt to manually pick a contact instead of using the contact I verbally stated. Is this the expected...
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    Post [ROM][G986U1]SamPWND.R3.v1 1ZTJA

    Considering you said it couldn't be posted on XDA I looked elsewhere, thanks though. Typical XDA lol
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    Post [ROM][G986U1]SamPWND.R3.v1 1ZTJA

    If it makes you feel any better I can't find anything about it either
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    Post After "Verizon Nationwide 5G" update, download speed is slower

    What's the new build number for the 5g update for S20+?
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    Post [SAMSUNG PIE] #HEX Installer

    No, there's only a handful of themed 3rd party apps
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    Post [SAMSUNG PIE] #HEX Installer

    Is the back swipe working on the pill for others? I'm only able to get the home and recents gesture to work.
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    Post Pixel 2 XL and Gear S3 Frontier bluetooth issues

    Seems Google can't or has no intention of fixing this as it's been an issue for a long time https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/71010564
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    Post !! 7 attempts at swiping up !

    Just tap the lock, no need to swipe
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    Post Android P DP2 now available

    Google pay working?
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    Post hello, doubts about the screen

    Until someone mentioned the rounded screen corners I hadn't even noticed them. Non-issue in my mind.
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    Post Gear S3 and Android Auto has a disconnect problem.

    The key is to plug in your phone only after it's connected to the car Bluetooth and then unplug it before you shut off the car. I do this every time and have never had to reconnect my watch.