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    Post How can I rollback to stock firmware in OnePlus Nord n10

    I found my links here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/root-n10-using-magisk.4197369/
  2. akhnatenor

    Post How can I rollback to stock firmware in OnePlus Nord n10

    I would also appreciate a download link to a global android 10 image at oneplus.
  3. akhnatenor

    Post Can I use a Global Rom on a T-Mobile N10?

    I'm using the european rom linked to in this thread (https://www.xda-developers.com/oneplus-nord-n10-5g-android-11-update/) and it is working fine for me on Google Fi (which is T-mobile nvmo). I'm supposedly getting a 5G connection too.
  4. akhnatenor

    Post [ROM][9.0][OnePlus6] Pixel Experience[OFFICIAL] [AOSP/Plus][2019/09/06]

    I'm running into the same issue. I have followed the directions in the OP exactly and I am getting the white LED problem. I have also tried 3 different versions of TWRP (3.2.3-0, 3.2.3-1, and blu_spark_v9.86) and none resolve the problem. I am unable to boot into any mode other than fastboot...
  5. akhnatenor

    Post [APP][PORT] Pixel Launcher from Android P

    Works on OnePlus 6 with H2OS cc_rock, It works flawlessly with the HydrogenOS beta 1 that OnePlus just released for the 6. The only problem with this solution is that TWRP doesn't appear to support Android 9 yet on the OnePlus 6. Also, if you don't want the Chinese apps, you can't remove...
  6. akhnatenor

    Post Jelly Bean Soak Test Starting!

    can someone please point me to post about returning to stock? I'm using Safestrap 2.11 and the system is 6.16.211. Thanks ---------- Post added at 02:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:36 PM ---------- Here is the link I was looking for (Droid Razr Utility)...
  7. akhnatenor

    Post MEID shows only 14 digits

    I had this problem too. If you follow the directions for reading it in other ways, you will find all 15 numbers, ie. look at the inside of the sdcard cover.
  8. akhnatenor

    Post [ROM][GSM][CDMA] Razr Android 4.2.2 Official MIUI V5 [06 Dezember]

    I would like to know too. Being a former DInc user, I would love to use MIUI on my RAZR.
  9. akhnatenor

    Post No CDMA Love

    I agree. The moderators really need to split the forum. I'm completely sick of the few cdma threads in the dev forum getting hijacked by gsm users asking for a port to their device and the inevitable "here is how I converted it" discussion. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  10. akhnatenor

    Post Charger specification?

    From the USA Google Play site: Tech Specs AC INPUT 110V-240V DC OUTPUT 5Vdc/2A PLUG North American NEMA 1-15 plug (standard 2 prong US plug)
  11. akhnatenor

    Post Any definitive knowledge on GameStop?

    The quality is great. No defects so far. The only downside I have noticed is that it won't charge off anything except the charger that came with it.
  12. akhnatenor

    Post Any definitive knowledge on GameStop?

    I pre ordered as part of the August 7 shipment and received mine two days ago. Sent from my DROID SPYDER using Tapatalk 2
  13. akhnatenor

    Post dropped my nexus now it only charges while off

    My N7 16gb charged properly on the first charge. Now on the second charge, it will only charge while powered off. My device is stock and has not been dropped. I plugged it in last night, while powered on, and woke up to find the battery in about the same state that it was in 8 hours earlier...
  14. akhnatenor

    Post [MIUI] Official MIUI support for RAZR

    Please put [GSM] in the subject since the official MIUI release is for GSM phones only. Also consider asking the moderator to move this thread to the dev forum since you are linking to ROM images. Sent from my DROID SPYDER using Tapatalk 2
  15. akhnatenor

    Post [CDMA]ROM| Black Widow Ics-6.16.214.spyder.deodex.final

    [Q] can the text color in gmail app be changed by user? I really like the 214 update. One question, is it possible for me to change the default text color in the dark gmail app from blue to green? Thanks