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  • Okay,

    I just found it out;

    when you go to the calling screen (green phone button)
    tap MENU > OPTIONS and then tap BAND tab

    on my device it was set to other than AUTO, I believe it was GSM;

    Now I have set it to AUTO and UMTS 2100 and EGSM+DC1800 it is fully operational with the G3 logo and the superb internet speed :D

    Eventhough I havent given you the time to reply, Thank you for your effort!
    Hopfully I'm not the only one helped by this.

    See ya!
    Dear Akpidis,

    I have searched the entire internet for the answer to my question, now I turn to you because I have the feeling you know the answer;

    Ik have the known problem on HTC Universal (I have Qtek 9000) of not having UMTS connection (I do have GPRS)

    ( your post http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=352203&page=21 )

    I read that I could change the rilgsm.dll file on my phone.
    I have tried it but I cannot open, change, copy nor delete it. (not even with total commander)

    Is there any way to get my UMTS working? I bought this phone for its UMTS.
    Do you think it is possible to copy it from WM5? (that is when I achieve to edit the current file)
    Wouldnt it be possible to integrate the codes from the older rilgsm.dll file into the new one, so that it can do speaker mode and UMTS?
    However, I prefer to have UMTS instead of speaker function..

    Please help; I am prepared to pay you for it, although I think sending money from the netherlands to where(ever) you live, would be expensive..

    Please help me out, just a singel hint would be sufficient (will do my best to fix it myself)
    With sincere greetings,

    Sjoerd Schokker
    [email protected]
    The Netherlands
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