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Recent content by Akram.

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    Post Always-on display rotation

    I said Automatic
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    Post Always-on display rotation

    The point is to see the AOD clocks horizontally.
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    Post Note 10 plus/5g Battery Life thread

    Hi, Can anyone share SoT for snapdragon 5g, with 5g turned off, mostly on wifi, and dual sim inserted and on ui2.1
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    Post Read incoming text messages when connected to BlueTooth

    Bixby Routines. If > Bluetooth Device Connected > Then > Read Notifications aloud
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    Post Better battery life

    I am not concerned on using mobile data, i have wifi most of the places. How can this be helpful to increase the battery time? I have dual sim and as per cell info, one sim uses Band 3 and other sim uses Band 20 currently. What steps i have to take to lock in the best band to reduce my battery...
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    Post when one ui 2.1 arrive for Sm-N975F Model ?

    Its United Arab Emirates for me
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    Post Want to change fonts

    Thanks. My ignorant ass didnt see the apk for the app. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
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    Post Want to change fonts

    I followed exactly as per the instruction. Created a folder called monofonts in the root and added all apk, installed from there and went to settings to apply and says unsupported
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    Post Google sans fonts for S10+

    where can i download this app? I too get unsupported error when installing from "Monofonts" App
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    Post Want to change fonts

    As expected, It says not supported
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    Post ~ 1.5 GB software update on its way

    is the update out to manually install on my non-rooted Exynos Dual Sim International unlocked version? N975FD. Will i get regular OTAs later once i manually update? Battery life is horrible after the March update
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    Thread Screen ontime, pls explain

    In android 10, its confusing. I thought sot was the total screen time you use after a full charge until the next charge. In the pic, i charged in between, so is it counting the the sot for 24 hrs? It doesnt make any sense. Becuse i dont usually get such high sot on exynos Sent from my...
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    Post Are there 3rd party qi chargers that can do 15w?

    Problem with all above is you need the correct wall charger that can out 15w Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
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    Post [BSL7] Galaxy Note10+ (SM-N975F) OFFICIAL OneUI2/10 beta (NO ROOT/CUSTOM ROM TALK!!!)

    Hows battery in exynos Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk