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    Thread Difference between Stock Vendor and OSS Vendor?

    How is the OSS vendor different from stock? Is one better than the other?
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    Thread Is there an official miui rom availible for mi a3?

    If not, is it likely that xiaomi would release an official miui rom for this device?
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    Post [GUIDE][ROOT] Enable 2K or 4K resolution on YouTube App

    how do you add bulid.prop lines systemlessly with magisk??
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    Post [1.2] dotOS FOR kyleproxx

    is it? have you tested?
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    Post [Treble][Unofficial]LineageOS 16.0 Treble for Oneplus 3/3T

    Since you removed camera from the list of things that are not working, is it fixed now?
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    Post What Rom has the best possible battery life? 2019

    I'm probably gonna go for dotOS. Is the battery life any good? Or is resurrection remix Oreo better?
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    Post Worth buying a new Mi Pad 1 in 2019?

    In general it would definitely be a bad idea but if you just want to play low power emulators like NES and all then you could go for it. But don't expect good performance from emulators like dolphin and PPSSPP. also, I would recommend you install a shield blobs based rom as soon as you get your...
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    Thread What Rom has the best possible battery life? 2019

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a rom that has the best possible battery life. Doesn't matter if it's slow or lacks some major features, even KitKat is fine. So what would be the best possible rom with just battery life in mind according to you?
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    Post [ROM]-[23.07.20]-Havoc-OS-3.7-[10.0.0_r40]-[Official]

    will this work as a secondary rom on multirom?