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    Post [ROM][F2FS/EXT4][AOSP][BSZAospLp v1.9.9][5.1.1_r38 LMY49M][SuperSU|BusyBox][16/8/11]

    how to install the update. guys plz give the instruction on how to install the update..i have unlocked boot loader and custom recovery with custom rom.:confused:
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    Post {Mini/Mini Pro/Active/Live}[DEV][JB 4.2.2][CM10.1] LegacyXperia

    can anyone give me older flashtool ..newer cant detect boot.img file ..a little help will be helpfull
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][4.3] CyanoDroid | | prototype of beast

    is this for all xperia mdpi devices..:confused:
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    Post [ROM] | CM7 | Mooke OS Port | GB 2.3.7 | ALL MDPI

    which kernel should i use ..can you post it or send it.
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    Post [3.0.x KERNEL] [Mini/Mini Pro/Active/LWW] 3.0.8-nAa-03 [6/5/2013] - Unified kernel

    i install this on mini ..but doesn't boot doesn't show boot logo..just screen..flikering after some interval..i am on cm10
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    Post [AROMA] [Themes & Mods] Ace-i-Sure Plus Pack! [24.08.2013]

    getting problem i install this rom on my i dont get anything except samsung galaxy ace logo..i am also cant able to enter into cmw recovery..what i have done 1.first i install cmw then 2.wipe data,cache and dalvic cache 3.install rom.. 4.i get nothing but screen saying samsung...
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    Post [KERNEL][LINARO 4.7.3] LuPuS Kernel for Stock ICS v6 [ALL MDPI][15 May 2013]

    after flashing v5 i am not able to enable wifi to do it:confused:
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    Post [ROM][JB] [4.1.2] Avatar ROM for Sony Xperia Mini (smultron)

    i cant enter into the always say bazooka has stopped:rolleyes: and avatar rom has detected a crash
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    Post [ROM][GB][ALL MDPI] HASA v6 BETA [BOTH BL] [2.3.7][05/2/13]

    i am getting boot loop..i followed your steps...i am coming from cm10
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    Post [Miuiv4][v5 soon] CX-Miui Fireworks

    Guys can anyone give a review about the ROM..means how is the speed performance and gaming :rolleyes: Sent from my Xperia Mini using xda premium
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    Thread [Q] how to apply hdpi or any other resolution theme to mdpi

    how to apply hdpi or any other resolution theme to mdpi in cm 10?
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    Post {Mini/MiniPro/Active/Live}[DEVELOPMENT] - CM10 - FreeXperia Project

    jmq5i9f7ed341e24 like this..dont know what format is this ... .js format
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    Post {Mini/MiniPro/Active/Live}[DEVELOPMENT] - CM10 - FreeXperia Project

    i am not able to install on xperia mini ..can anyone try and tell me that is it corrupted:confused..beacause when i download it its not in zip format and it is corrupted so installation aborted ..