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    Post Sprint Note 8 Oreo Roll Out

    update is N950USQU3CRC2 security update and Oreo with Samsung experience 9.0
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    Post Sprint Note 8 Oreo Roll Out

    i'm downloading the OTA update as i am typing
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    Post [ROM][6.x] LineageOS 13.0

    Have been running Lineage a la Andi since 01/10/2017; no problems ATT. I am the "dirty" flasher of all "dirty" flashers. So far so good.
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    Post [ROM][6.x] LineageOS 13.0

    [/COLOR]Running on my 5113. Just installed over most recent CM version. Cleared cache and dalvik only. Did a few wipes using most recent TWRP. Did not clear data, too much junk to restore. Thanks Andi!
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    Post [ROM][6.x] LineageOS 13.0

    Always remember the Dev's here respect and support. They are doing this for no $$$. In my case I follow some threads, rarely post but do when I feel my thoughts contribute to this truly remarkable community. Please be nice. Thank you. Be well.
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    Post [ROM] Galaxy Note 5 PC3 Marshmallow Deodexed Stock Rom

    Alright I admit it, I'm lazy. Wiped dalvic and cache. Flashed 1.1_all is well so far.
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    Post [ROM] MOAR OK3 Rom v2.2 - Awesome! - 03/25/2016

    Thanks, happy, happy, joy, joy! Great work; as always. Be well.
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    Post [DEPRECATED] CyanogenMod (CM12 / CM 12.1)

    Tried a dirty flash yesterday and ran up against the boot loop problem as well; the phrase "haste makes waste" comes to mind. Anyway did a full wipe using TWRP, problem solved. Thanks for your hard work and diligence Andy! BTW battery life has never been better. Thanks again.
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    Post [JDCTeam][STABLE][5.1.1][26 January] Optimized CyanogenMod 12.1 builds [EOL]

    Did clean install last evening; all seems well. Battery usage very good to excellent, currently at 95% after full charge last night. Thanks for your work!
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    Post [DEPRECATED] CyanogenMod (CM12 / CM 12.1)

    Yes, lowest brightnes working. Image has grayish tinge but readable. On p5100. ---------- Post added at 06:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:02 PM ---------- BTW did a 'dirty flash' using 2/23 update; no glitches, so far. Thanks again for your work.
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    Post [DEPRECATED] CyanogenMod (CM12 / CM 12.1)

    Link works, folder populated. Thanks.
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    Post [DEPRECATED] CyanogenMod (CM12 / CM 12.1)

    Link works, no files in folder though. Sorry to be a pest. Thank you.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][5.0.2][CM-12.0] CyanogenMod 12 for jfltespr (2015-01-26 / FINAL)

    Play services crashing here as well. Got play store too open recognized me as subscriber, but no history available. ---------- Post added at 02:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:42 PM ---------- Oops forgot to say thanks for your hard work
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    Post [APP][3.0+] RingThru (Ring/Silent/Vibrate)

    Hey, nice app! I do have one question/ suggestion; is there a means of editing or selelecting a number for a contact? Or is there a way to select all of a given contact by say their name to allow all of that contact's number to ring through? It seems at present that contacts with multiple...
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    Post Some stuff for the lt02ltespr

    Thank you all for your hard work. I flashed the 3/20 Build last night. So far all is well. Thanks again.