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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [10.0] [pyxis] LineageOS 17.1 [MAR SECURITY PATCH]

    I hope this ROM got update it's most rom use and very good stible
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [10.0] [pyxis] LineageOS 17.1 [MAR SECURITY PATCH]

    I like this ROM awesome only some bugs But it's fast and minimal ROM and nice . Keep it.
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    Post [ROM][Treble][microG]LineageOS 16.0 for HUAWEI P9

    Most of things are works will , I have issue that can't find Netflix , Snapchat ...etc . In play store but installed Snapchat Manually and can't login. Try hide with magisk but not working , nice ROM.
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    Post Lineage OS 17 for Huawei P9

    before some week install it in and Rom booting and working . to install same as treble Rom , actually if can will install gapps later its way good to use and go !
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    Post P9 Camera for Treble GSI

    Thanks for the zip for gsi.:) lo_ol on gsi phh app no choice that ! What copy exactly to fix blurry ? Can explain more and simply , thanks ^_^
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    he not say anything wrong, there are dont care or something ,Deserve actually more support:). Thanks also AOSP or lineage more flexible,Except the camera NOT working and some problems:good:
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    Post Solution dead p9 (bootloader locked - FPR lock) test point !

    You don't need that, the files I use you need driver in your PC and xml file from Board Firmware and IDT
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    Post Solution dead p9 (bootloader locked - FPR lock) test point !

    lol man Have you entered password before downloading from the web site? To clarify more this method opens such as door or point in the phone to enter the files to the phone and installed in some way! In fact was tried on oreo 8 but worked:) The file is currently uploaded. Wait for the process...
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    Post Solution dead p9 (bootloader locked - FPR lock) test point !

    You are welcome! I have seen. Now uploaded to another link check here You don't need to use just the pin on the test point, you don't need to remove the...
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    Thread Solution dead p9 (bootloader locked - FPR lock) test point !

    Hi :) Not responsible for anything that happens to your phone:good: sometimes bricked phone this You will have a short explanation of how to fix your phone if dead p9 This is tried by me and worked!;) so You need two things to Flash With Testpoint -Board Firmware /Huawei Flash tools IDT...
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    Post Huawei P9. porting EMUI 9 firmware.

    It's is possible?!
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    Post [bootloader] unlock bootloader

    Battery status 0 ! Charge phone first Then do factory reset if you can If don't try with DC phoneix!