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Recent content by Alex_XV6700

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    Post I am loading the partition to download mode using QFIL, then open it again, please help me

    1. Open QFIL 2. Select Flat Build 3. Click load xml and select the rawprogram(#) XML that is in the lun(0-6) folder. 4. If it asks you for a patch xml, click cancel. It's not needed to flash this backup. 5. Click download (After each lun is flashed, you'll have to reboot EDL to get this to work)...
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    Post Need full backup from V405 SPRINT

    Thanks @lexih a person tried this method and was successful so I might give it a try this weekend!
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    Post Need full backup from V405 SPRINT

    @lexih would you say that this process will definitely get me back to Sprint "stockish". What I am aiming for is to get my phone SIM Unlocked through the UICC unlock in stock rom. My phone is paid in full and Clean ESN.
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    Post Need full backup from V405 SPRINT

    Sounds good, I will try that this weekend because this is my daily. Which firmware would you recommend? The one for the V409, like so? @lexih and yes I did cross flash to QA7 at first thinking this would unlock it (Silly me). I will suggest a friend having the same issue as mine to try this...
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    Post Need full backup from V405 SPRINT

    I just saw that your backup is the one I dowloaded a while ago but it was incomplete. Never got around to fully restoring my device with any of the backups 20f or g.
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    This should work with LS770 but I won't promise anything as the method can change from phone to phone. :good:
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    Post Blu Pure XL alternate rom

    Same chipset does not mean same bootloader or same libs, drivers, modem, etc. If the dev world were that easy then most Blu Pure XL owners would just use any rom available out there for Helio X10 aka mt6795 chipset. I dont own the device anymore, I moved on from this...
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    Post Blu Pure XL alternate rom

    Dont have the phone anymore, sorry. Moved on to Honor 7x. BLU was just not helping. Amazing device tho
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    Thread LG G5 Pink (buying)

    Anyone interested in selling an LG G5 pink? I have paypal and my wife wants it.
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    Post IMEI LS922 / ROM AS922. What to do?

    Did you by any chance try to use UpperCut? don-dz mumtaz64
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    Post (possible fix) proximity sensor

    Thank you for confirming it works :highfive:
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Why claim that it can write a 9008 bricked LG device just because someone got to write twrp and root? Our beloved G Stylo could be rooted and twrpd at any stage because it had the ability to boot unlock. QH9008 is something very delicate to deal with. I will try the tool myself, but I can be...
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    Thread Blu Pure XL alternate rom

    Hi folks, I was able to flash the Elephone Vowney rom into my Blu Pure XL. Rom is running smoothly, just need to fix RIL and some other libs that I imagine can be copied from BLU PXL original rom or the V19 update. Anyone willing to help, please reply to this thread as I was already fed with the...
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    Post Wifi Hotspot Issues on Verizon Moto E4 with TMobile Sim?

    I know this is an old thread now, but by any chance did you try adding default,dun,supl to your apns "apn type" part?