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    Post Screen locks touching edge areas

    Definitely has to be a way to remove those I dont have them on. My note 8 Maybe has something to do with the edge panel settings Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Post [Release] OpenAuto - open source AndroidAuto(tm) headunit emulator

    Can anyone point me in the right direction I purchased openauto pro install went smooth yet when I connect my phone the phones opens A.A. and "connects to car" the pi also opens the A.A. tab but loads a black screen? Any help on figuring this out in using a note 8 on android 9 Sent from my...
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    Post [ROM][7.1.1][N950U/U1/W][3BRA9][07-10-19]Ultimate Chimera ROM V1.5

    Any know if aptx or aptx hd bluetooth codecs are on the rom?
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    Post [ROOT][SNAPDRAGON] SamFAIL for Galaxy Note8[V3]

    Lol I just thought about it earlier myself was still on the fence of it being an april fools joke lol
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    Post [DOK2] TEKXodus HYBRID N4 URv7.4R2 5/01/16 NOTE5/EDGE/S6 LOLLIPOP 5.1.1 TEKHDway,.!*!

    Note 4 is done nine hardly boots up anymore ridley with mmc errors
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    Post Camera Thread - Photos from your Note 8

    Sorry wrong pic on other post
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    Post [ROOT][SNAPDRAGON] SamFAIL for Galaxy Note8[V3]

    Ahhh lol I knew that thanks :eek:
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    Post [ROOT][SNAPDRAGON] SamFAIL for Galaxy Note8[V3]

    Anyone know what this is popped up today. I have no clue what it is possibly ota notification? Samfail 2.5
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    Post [ROM][7.1.1][N950U/U1/W][3BRA5][3-25-18]Fennec ROM V1.0

    so would I Need to use odin Or can I just use flashfire?
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    Post [ROOT][SNAPDRAGON] SamFAIL for Galaxy Note8[V3]

    butchieboy any chance you can give us a run down on how you did the back up using safestrap here or on that forum post would work I was thinking about using it but also thinking about waiting til there is an update...saw someone say it survives fullwipes and rom updates so I don't want to damage...
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    Post Un-Carrier the Burden_Enable Caller ID Spam+Call recording+Data toggle+Dev info+More.

    Ahhh that might be it I did use a csc editor a while back thanks for that im going to delete it hope all goes well lol
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    Post Looking for a super slim case compatible with Whitestone glass

    Spigen hybrid is really nice got mine on amszon
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    Post Google Camera v8.3b Mod with HDR+ (recommended settings)[Exynos]

    8.3 works on Tmobile note 8 samfail 2.5 Great technology takes a pic of even better tech? Lol a working 1985 hitatchi tv