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    Post [UNOFFICIAL][RECOVERY] OrangeFox Recovery Project for S20 FE (Exynos)

    Any Chance i can get you to make a Snapdragon version
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    Post OneUI 2.5 for T-Mobile A71 5G released with October 2020 security patch

    this is a bootloader 2 firmware ,if you plan on ever rooting if and when it comes out then i would advise being careful going above bootloader 1 because there is no garuntee that if root and bootloader unlock comes that bootloader 2 will be supported but if you dont care about those features...
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    Post SM-A716U1 5G Firmware For US Models

    Update to ATH3 Available on phone still a U1 Bootloader. For those that wish to download full firmware here is the link to it
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    Post SM-A716U1 5G Firmware For US Models

    you should be able to find it using or frija
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    Post The Obligatory Root Question

    so far all the old methods have been patched in both bootloader and boot.img so i am trying to see if i can escalate privlages on the combination firmware to be able to bypass a few CVE patchs and hopefully gain root to system or get the bootloader to unlock. small update i would need...
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    Post The Obligatory Root Question

    I am currently looking into bootloader unlock and root method for all US Models. I have combination firmware and stock firmware and am digging through them currently to see if an exploit is available
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    Post SM-A716U1 5G Firmware For US Models

    This Will Be Updated To The Latest Firmware When The U1 Varient Gets Updates
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    Thread SM-A716U1 5G Firmware For US Models

    I Present The Galaxy A71_5G Guide for Flashing Unlocked Firmware. Here are some useful reminders: All download links are at the bottom of this post. Make sure you follow the "Prerequisites For Anything You decide To Do In This Guide" section. Don't copy quotation marks, unless I tell you to in...
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    Post Using dual SIM tray on unlocked T-Mobile 7T

    i flashed the international rom and bought the dual sim tray off amazon everything worked fine calls texts data at least for me
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    Post Download speeds SUCK! What gives?

    Im On The latest ATG9 updated baseband so i assume i wont have this issue, my speed down seems fine my up seems a little low though but as long as my down is that fast im cool with it. P.S.=Mine Was TEL when i got it. SideNote =my update for ATG9 came in last night at midnight.
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    Post Bootloader Unlock/Root Bounty Thread

    Saved for bootloader unlock methods
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    Thread Bootloader Unlock/Root Bounty Thread

    This is where i will compile all known methods of bootloader unlock/root methods and the bounties for the respective US Carriers. Tmobile/Sprint Status=No known Method Tmobile/Sprint Bounty= $0 ATT Status=No Known Method ATT Bounty=$0 Verizon Status= No Known Method Verizon Bounty= $0
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    Post Force A716USQU1ATG9 Update?

    i wouldnt update to past bootloader 2 when it comes out bootloadr 1 gets rooted the most. Not saying root will be imediatly but you never know
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    Post SM-A205U (MetroPCS) OEM Unlock

    i cant use bin 4 on my device because i upgragded to android 10 already on it so i couldnt even test to see if it was possible thats why im looking for combo firmware bootloader 5