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  • I have Followed most of your threads and tested most of what you guys have put out that ever worked on any of my devices....

    Wing - Tytn II - TP2

    If it worked and ran from my SD Card-- i have it and use it...
    I am a self thought Windows Mobile user and Tester--- please feel free to send me anything you need tested on: TMO TP2 or HTC TyntII
    Hi there i have a LG LS20 i like to install a new rom on it but don't know how to do it. Is there a post or somthing showing how its done please ?
    hi.i need some information regarding o2 atom exec.i got it last week from my cousin.he gave it just bcoz it had some network configuration question is how can i hard reset mobile to factory settings? i already tried camera + power . nothing is sync with vista. thank you
    hi! I have a huge problem with my blackstone! i have instaled few roms on my device but everytime i have the same problem, when i start it up it shows a screen with green colour, after i press power off buton twice it comes normal, but after while touch screen freez, i cant do anything with him, only reset helps! can you help me please...?
    Just saw the light - my device is also known as Rhodium... and projects are already underway at xda-developers...

    Apologies for wasting your time.


    At the time of writing I am unable to find much information about the Touch Pro 2 on the hallowed XDA-Developers site.

    I thought it might be helpful to volanteer information about my device ie the ROM, radio versions etc - maybe try to find out how close the device is to the Touch HD and if any programs are interchangable etc...

    In short - have device/will experiment...


    It's great that you've put all this applicable radio download info in one place!
    1) How does one find out which type of radio one has (without trial & error)?
    I have a HTC x7501 flashed to AP4.0 ('x7510') now with radio 1.57.00
    2) Is there an other ROM you would recommend over the AP4
    I have various issues that I'm hpoing new radio and/or new ROM will help.
    Many thanks
    I've noticed a number of mods including yourself have animated signatures showing rules etc. I was considering doing this myself but it states animated images aren't allowed. I also contacted xda direct and got the following resonse from "Uploading animated gifs is not allowed but neither is it allowed for mods. So I think this image runs on a different server, you might wish to ask one of the mods how they did it"

    Could you enlighten me?

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