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    Thread Problem with showing location weather please help !!!???

    I got this problem with the Local Weather is not showing , i thing it's the GPS or the GPRS it's not recognize the right postion but the other weather tap with the other Countrys it work just fine !!!!! Some one have the same problem ???? please help :confused::confused: Sorry for my bad...
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    Post L [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    Where can i find this and download it please some one give me the link ??:(:confused:
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    Post flash je rom

    Hallo volgens me je moet een tijdje wachten voor de patch (Hard SPL ) is nog niet uit ...
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    Post [Alpha Release] - JustHome

    HAHAHA:D good work ivaan thanxx all:)
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    Post [Alpha Release] - JustHome

    its just for wing !!! where is for herald then....?:rolleyes::cool:
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    Post [Alpha Release] - JustHome

    new problem with justchome 6.5 21500 I have a problem when trying to change the keybord as finger keybord and also i had tried with the others keybords aap its the same probelm .. do u have any ieda over ??? i hope you will fix the problem in the next build ...thanx all for your nice work man ...
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    Post [Alpha Release] - JustHome

    Hii ivan... im just wondrrrring when you will releass the next Version of (WM6.5 Build 21501)...??? :confused:
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    Post [Alpha Release] - JustHome

    oke oke thanks all ......my bro...
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    Post [Alpha Release] - JustHome

    i can't wait ...can i have it even it have bugs no problem for me ....??? please ???
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    Post Is there any new windows mobile 6.5 for herald ???

    its good my bro but dont forget to send the live link for the rom to me too oke?
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    Thread windows mobile 6.5 !!!

    I like to test windows moblie 6.5 on my herald HTC p4350 ...:confused: IF any body have it please to give me the live links..Thanks alll:)
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    Post Is there any new windows mobile 6.5 for herald ???

    i know about the old SLOW build and also i had test it ,,for that im asking about new build if there is new build ? if you have it please ...? thanx alll my br
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    Thread Is there any new windows mobile 6.5 for herald ???

    Is there any new windows mobile 6.5 for herald ???:confused: