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  • is ur fastmanila mod compatible for wvga?
    kinda missed ur mod for diamond as i got new HD..
    Thnx :)
    halo bro....lam kenal
    gw dah liat postingan lo tentang Manila 2.5 buat Diamond....ada tutorial yg bahasa indonesia nya ga???ato yg langsung 1 paket ROM WM6.5nya.....Tq
    Kang amarulz! lot of chef has cooked great ROM w/o good cosmetic on it. But why just a lil rom that has built in with 3G dialer on it. So whats the problem? i just dont get it till now! I feel so useless if i bought this expensive phone and never knew and not knowing how good are video calling quality in this phones especially in our country kang, which we both know most of carriers we got here are so lack with the commitment to bring us some good and decent speed comparing to other country, hehehhe :D LOL.
    Thank you so much for your effort. Phonecanvs is nice skin!!
    but it does't work my diamond..when a phone calls, bottom taskbar repeats appearing and disappearing...

    I am using WM 6.1 Build 21055


    ps) sorry for my english
    Could you rebuild your “ManilaFixPosition.exe” and leave there modules that restarts Manila windows only, without changes the position. I’ll explain.
    There are one problem on TF3D 2.1.38680 on Diamond 1 with WM6.1.
    If password lock activated on the device, the clock on the home tab stay at the same time after restarting the device. If restart TF3D only the clock starts work properly.
    I tried your 23034+ BUILD HACK (POSITION) and it helped, clock works properly after restart!!! But position of manila little bit changed.
    Thanks in advance.
    Oh no...!!! I can't believe that...!!! AMARULLZ!!! My friend!! Hi! Can you remember about me? I'm the owner of SmartToolkit Blog. It was a support center when downloads weren't available on e-natives website. I made a lot of skins for SmartToolkit. In the last months I was busy so i didn't give attention to SmartToolkit blog and website... It's a pleasure to find you on XDA Devs, the largest forum ever. Now I go to bed. Good Night. See you!
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