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    Post [DEV] AndroidCtrl.dll [] (ADB/Fastboot/(apk/zip) Signer - Framework)

    The attribute [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.Synchronized)] is similar to calling lock(this) which can cause deadlocks and has a known bug for x64 static classes sense it locks as lock(typeof(class)) as noted here...
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    Post Times up! Filling BBB report

    I'm not specifically talking about touchwiz bloat ware. I accepted the fact that touch wiz has its own and Samsung includes its own app store's etc. What I'm talking about is Sprint's bloat ware, how the device brands it self after activation based on (Virgin mobile/Sprint/Boost etc) when you...
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    Thread Times up! Filling BBB report

    Long story short - I own the SM-G925P and I'm very displeased with it after receiving yet another update today that included more bloat ware to the device. I was upset with the last major update as well because it included applications like 'App Spotlight' App Spotlight allows Sprint to collect...
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    Post [ROM] SM-G925P Stock Base [OE2]

    Had some permission issues on the apks after deodexing, then had to cook dinner and stuff. I have about 30 mins now so i'm rebuilding it with corrected permissions. Not sure why it lost them the first time around.
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    Post [ROM] SM-G925P Stock Base [OE2]

    Ok, I just got done with deodexing right now and i'm going to wipe and install. Ill post the results and the ZIP if its working.
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    Post [ROM] SM-G925P Stock Base [OE2]

    Is that because you guys are stripping stuff from the rom. Apps/services etc ?
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    Post Got New Update This Morning 05.11.15

    I can not confirm it will work. This is not offical zip. Its a custom rom that you install via twrp.
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    Post Got New Update This Morning 05.11.15

    For those that have software : Custom and can't update. I have posted a twrp flashable zip file that will put you on the latest OTA
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    Post Got New Update This Morning 05.11.15

    You can downgrade i've done it multiple times now, also note that while it doesnt trip knox you cant do anything other then use root, dont install custom recovery or software or else it will trip knox.
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    Thread [ROM] SM-G925P Stock Base [OE2]

    Download Link Kernel included: Stock Samsung 3.10.61-4349716 Install using TWRP nothing has been done to it yet other than root and zipalign. This is fully functional rom for the OE2 release. OE2 does not fix the RAM leak so far just dropped calls fix and added more bloat. I will be working...
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    Post Got New Update This Morning 05.11.15

    Added more bloat Uber Sprint Music Scout
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    Post [ROM] SM-G925P Clean Generic

    Reserved 1 Reserved 1
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    Post [ROM] SM-G925P Clean Generic

    Reserved 20150511252 - Uploading v2 - Uploading Change Log: Removed the following google apps Chrome, Gmail, Google+, Maps, Play Music, Play Movies, Play Books, Play newsstand, Play games, Drive, Youtube, Hangouts, Google Street, Google now. * These applications are all available through the...
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    Thread [ROM] SM-G925P Clean Generic

    Generic ROM for Galaxy S6 Edge G925P Presenting Generic ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6 G925P Features - Based on AOD6 Stock ROM - Stock Samsung Kernel - Rooted (SuperSU) - ODEX'd Instructions Download the ROM and place it on the internal memory. Boot to recovery (twrp) factory data reset...
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    Post System dump needed for a ROM project

    Download link!JcshEDRI!6pDn4DvFT7Q6mnltzZWRBGMyUmiIqJiEm6D2pp__Fi4