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  • this is the first time i root my phone, and ur recovery is my first recovery, everything work fine,,my phone originally is32a ship s-on h, hboot1.76.0007,radio, after flash the europe ruu with su, then flash h boot become 1.76.2007, ans s-off h,radio remained, but after i try using recovery to flash CyanogenMod-5 v5.0.7 - Test5-7, all the rom, not even one rom able to load, all status 7, i not idea why, the recovery i flash is the hero recovery rom that u mentioned,can u guide me, i cant flash the rom to other rom now, as after i flash, then i wont be able to enter any recovery....
    pls help me, thk so much
    Haha, I know you get spammed with noob mail... BUT I had to ask... I have the new Mytouch 3G Slide... I want to root this B*tch, and just keep the UI stock for now. As I dont know how to code. So my question is, how important is the recovery img to be device specific? Like the hero runs sense UI un like the MT3G, so should I try a hero recovery or use the MT3G?

    Lastly, whats the worst case that could happen to it? can I brick the phone with the wrong recovery?

    shoot me a e-mail at [email protected] if your interested in helping me root it.
    haha, just want to say i'm loving the care bear recovery screen....f****n the new features, keep up the great work!!! looking forward to 1.7.2 or whatever your next one is gonna be called....thanks
    I site to download the original HTC ROM and I installed successfully but after I finished installing my SDCARD not be read the following message is displayed please help me
    my HTC magic,
    details: SAPPHIRE PVT 32A ship s-on h
    APR 29 2009,02:28:53

    message from next install official rom tim from htc site : Finding update package...
    E: Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 (or /dev/block/mmcblk0)
    (No such file or directory)

    please help me
    Hi Amon_RA,
    I want to ask about my HTC magic,
    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (SAPP10000)
    Aug 4 2009,19:43:30

    is this we called roger also?
    i am so confuse on how to do upgrade firware
    I have a serious problem ( I think). I was trying to learn from you folks and I think I screwed up the My touch 3G. I am not sure what I did as I am new and will apparently never become as good as you guys but with hope I will. I only get 4 options on the bootup screen. they say
    1) reboot system now
    2) apply
    3) wipe data/factory reset
    4) wipe cache partition
    how can I get this phone back to normal please help.
    Al I hate to bother you but do not know who to turn to right now
    Hi Amon_RA,

    My name is Fred and i'm writting you from Portugal.

    First of all, excuse my English.

    Many people like me, are tied to the PERFECTED SPL 1.76.0009 on HTC Magic.

    I guess you have not much time to lose with this issue, however, if you want to "save" us from this SPL, I think everyone would be immensely grateful.

    Of course I chose to ask you because you seem to be the one to break this crossroads.

    on my part, I thank you very much, even if only for having wasted time reading this.

    Keep up the good work.

    how can u speed up the 3g on the mytouch 3g there is the that one file "trout.prop" and there is build.sapphire MT3G how do i do this i try with the better emulator but no differents on either both??????

    We're looking for the source for your recovery for use with the Acer Liquid. I've been told it is freely available, but I'm having some trouble locating it.

    Thanks for any response.

    Hi Amon_Ra

    I would like to know to thinks, first where i can find the kernel source and the .config that you used in your recovery-RA-dream-v1.6.2R.img and secound what address base do you use in mkbootimg for recovery image if you use one.
    hi, I did a nandroid backup today and now I can't get into recovery mode. an android with an exclamation mark comes up when I try. what do I do now?
    Do you know what recovery img would possibly work with the DROID Eris? I am trying to find a way into this phone
    Hey Amon_Ra,

    Your the only person that i think can help me at the moment. I had the MyHero rom on my HTC Magic, my phone dropped and my SD card reader doesnt work. I need to give it to 3 or HTC to get repaired but i have the MyHero Rom on. I then performed a factory reset and now it gets stuck in a boot cycle and i have no idea how to get it back to original HTC Magic firmware.

    If you can help me that would be so greatly appretiated, thanks man...
    dear amon ,

    i want to add some apps to a rom , how i can do that so that when ever i install that rom all the application come installed and ready to use.. despite i get them install again and again,,. please Amon help me in this regards, just tell me steps i will follow

    i know you are short of time and very busy bee but please guide me ..

    Just a note to say thank you for all your help when I first rooted my HTC Magic. The advice you gave me then has served me well, I thought I had just bricked my phone [exclamation mark next to phone for recovery] and followed your steps from this post and have now recovered from a nandroid backup. Excellent! Sent a couple RedBull’s your way- thanks
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