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  • Thank you, Anagrika. I will check to see any Chinese ROM for my tilt. I saw many people use HERO and Android for tilt now. I am not sure whether it is good idea for me to wipe mine. Again, thank you.
    Do a search of my post. I have provided links for further learning on my post. If you're on the gaming (Java Games), the version that works well with Opera Mini might not be 100% compatible with Games.
    I'm using the x1, my first WM still getting the hang of it. Cool the guys are here!!!Catch you guys around!!!
    Hi Anargika do you still use your beloved m600:) I'm glad to see a former UIQ user.
    You install Manila and choose to use Analog using M2DC. do a search.

    Another option is to flash your ROM. Read the Wiki first (again, google Kaiser Wiki XDA)On Kaiser ROM forum, read the stickies, 'flashing for noobs' by mskip. Choose a ROM that has MAnila /M2D. I recommend Athine OS jan 22 version. Read the Athine thread.

    the key is read a lot first before doing anything. Otherwise you may brick your phone.

    Good luck!

    PS: another way is to install SPB MS3 .. you'll have both Digital and Analog ..
    Hi anagarika, how do you change your htc tytnII home screen with the analog clock?? could you give me the link??
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