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    Post [Guide] Flash Custom Rom ( and install Magisk On mi note 10 lite

    Evening, I started with these instructions and everything worked. Even the first OTA update had worked. But now with MIIUI 12.1.1 (Android 11) OTA no longer works and when I flash it manually I have a bootloop. In the meantime, I also had to use the new TWRP version of XIAOMI.EU because of...
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    What are the plans to include the German translations? SKULSHADY had the project online for quite a while and German is always quickly translated to 100%. :)
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    Thank you for this release! This is the most stable rom on every device I had! Now SmartCharging works! :D Do you have any idea if it is possible to keep CTS-Profile valid during a dirty flash? I have the latest firmware 20.X flashed and then dirty Havoc 3.3 CTS is now broken... all I can think...
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    Hey guys, smart charging didn't work in the last Violet build.( from telegram) Is that confirmed? Clean flash was made.
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    Post [Mod][Root]Turn on Whatsapp Dark mode

    Now beta 2.19.362 apk installed... (beta program is full), still the same... any idea?
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    Post [Mod][Root]Turn on Whatsapp Dark mode

    Me too. I don't have a solution yet. Would be great if there was one.
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    Post [ARCHIVED] [ROM][10.0][VIOLET] Evolution X 4.4 [OFFICIAL] [Ten][AOSP][22/11/19]

    So. Now I have an catlog. Sorry for the waiting time. :) Attached ;)
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    Post [ARCHIVED] [ROM][10.0][VIOLET] Evolution X 4.4 [OFFICIAL] [Ten][AOSP][22/11/19]

    I'm afraid not. I'm sorry, sir. Had to go back to a backup. Is a productive device and I just need it for work. However, all AOSP ROMs seem to have this bug with me. Also HavocOS 2.9 (Android 9) has this bug. What I can say is, I flashed it with OrangeFOX.
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    Post [ARCHIVED] [ROM][10.0][VIOLET] Evolution X 4.4 [OFFICIAL] [Ten][AOSP][22/11/19]

    I found a bug. D2TW does not work. Any idea how to fix it? Clean flash. Latest testing xiaomi firmware.
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    Post [ROM][9.0][FINAL] Havoc OS v2.9 [VIOLET][20.09.2019]

    Hey guys, I know the devs work android 10. But maybe someone has an idea how to make DT2W usable? I've even tested the azure kernel now (runs super by the way) but no one works double tab 2wake... the other way around it works. Has anyone solved that?
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    Post [APP][2.0+] MiXplorer v6.x Released (fully-featured file manager)

    WebDav (Nextcloud 13) rename dont work. Hey. Over WebDav an Nextcloud 12/13 I can not rename files/folders. Log attached. :) MixPlorer 6.25.4 and NC 12/13 tested. Thanks!
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    Post [Help!] How to disable FP scanner on Redmi Note 3 Pro (kenzo) ???

    Dont work on my Redmi Note 4 :S As in the title. I tested it and the sensor on android 7 still wakes up my device. Is it known how to deactivate the finger sensor completely? The part constantly wakes up my device when I'm against it. ________________________ I solved it...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][MIDO][Weekly] LineageOS 14.1

    Is it known how to deactivate the finger sensor completely? The part constantly wakes up my device when I'm against it. :S
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][6.0.1]Unofficial LineageOS 13 [MIDO]

    Great. Have me already asked what is with the dt2w. That helped me quickly. The log had not hit me before. But seems to me to be so.