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    Post Oreo rolling out....Now the wait for the developer image begins

    Then you have perhaps bought the Pro version of Flashfire? The standard free Playstore version has a built in time bomb that cause it to abort if the date is too recent. And since chainfire has stopped development, updated version with extended time limits will not be built. Thanks for the...
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    Post Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2015 stuck at nvidia logo / any OTA public*.zip file available?

    If I understand you correctly you have access to fastboot. Then why not just register with the Nvidia developer program and download from there: There you can pick any version you'd like to install, they've even got the new 7.0.1 developer images...
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    Post Oreo rolling out....Now the wait for the developer image begins

    Does the official TWRP recovery work on 7.0.1 (Oreo)? If so does rooting with Magisk / SuperSU also work?
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    Post Root/Rebrand/Unbrick/Update - Official FunkyHuawei Thread for P20 Pro

    Do you have an official statement from Huawei on this? I've been in contact with Huawei and the response I've got is that the unlock site is temporarily down for maintencance. If it's permanently down I'd be seriously disappointed since I just received a P20 Pro today, and that would render it...
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    Post [KERNEL][G935F/G930F][Dec 27] Prometheus 2.2.0 | TW 6.0 MM | Aroma | Synapse

    Sorry, I did not specify. This is on KingRom, so regular kernel, not N7. I've tested with Kernel versions 1.5.2, 1.5.3 and 1.6.0. Same problem on all of them, traffic does not get routed through VPN connection.
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    Post [KERNEL][G935F/G930F][Dec 27] Prometheus 2.2.0 | TW 6.0 MM | Aroma | Synapse

    I'm experiencing problems with VPN connections using this Kernel. The VPN connects fine, but traffic is not routed correctly through the VPN connection. I've tried both OpenVPN and PPTP (built in) and the behaviour is the same. If I flash a stock kernel things are working fine. Anyone else...
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    Post [ROM][STABLE][G935F/FD/W8][OTA][rom-control][25.10.2016] KING_ROM_S7_EDGE_v14 [bpj7]

    Did some more testing and this is kernel related. Flashed KingRom with stock kernel and VPN is working fine. Reflashed Prometheus and it stopped working again.
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    Post [ROM][STABLE][G935F/FD/W8][OTA][rom-control][25.10.2016] KING_ROM_S7_EDGE_v14 [bpj7]

    Anyone else have problems with VPN connections? I come from stock ROM where I had functional OpenVPN and PPTP (built in VPN). When I set up the VPN in this rom it connects fine, but the vpn interface address and routing tables does not get set up correctly.
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    Post Serious battery life problem after update yesterday

    I got my phone almost a week ago. It's been running APD1 all the time and I've been reasonably happy with battery life. Yesterday afternoon I turned on bluetooth and paired a couple of devices. Then I left it idle over night (still with bluetooth on, but not with any connected devices) and...
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    Post Possible to remote desktop INTO shield tv?

    There's no option to download the log files as far as I can see. Can they give a specific location for the file they want?
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    Post Full DVB-C/T/T2/S PVR running tvheadend and stock based kernel (incl NTFS support)!

    Great work! I tried to follow the link to the wiki on your bitbucket, but only get a message that I don't have access to it. Maybe some permissions that should be changed?
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    Post Possible to remote desktop INTO shield tv?

    The response from Teamviewer is that the SATV is not currently supported, and that device support is added by popular demand. So the more people who contact them, the better.
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    Post Possible to remote desktop INTO shield tv?

    On my Shield I can connect to Teamviewer Host, and I can bring up the desktop. When I try to mouse click on the desktop, the whole machine reboots (this is with root access). I've got a dialog with Teamviewer support about this issue.
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    Post Shield Android TV rooted

    Reflashed the recovery once more and booted the recovery kernel. Suddenly TWRP was working and I could flash SuperSU.