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    Post [ROM][6.x] Slim6

    yes, over there... there the first one...
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    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    i'm using the ported Pixel 1, 2 + 3 Livewallpapers on my s7 edge
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    Post [KERNEL] [UNIFIED] Anykernel

    Android-Andi - THX a lot to give us an OC Kernel :victory: :D I'm using the AnyKernel-2019-04-10-13-46-espresso-OC-TEST in combo with latest SLIM6 + Magisk on a GT-P3110. i played a lot with the OLD LADY and WOW - BEST COMBO for me and the THE REASON why it still...
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    Post LineageOS 16.0 for S7 Edge build 30

    Hi, why did you try the Congstar DDE Firmware? did you buy it in a congstar shop with an LTE contract and the VoiceOverLTE part? - just then you need a DDE Congstar firmware that includes VoLTE... Because i also have a contract by this provider without LTE 50 and a ,,free'' S7e - i'm using the...
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    Post [G800F/M/Y][ROM][7.1][NJH47F] LineageOS 14.1 for G800F/M/Y [Beta 19/08/2017]

    1. yes, just install the new .zip 2. I always did, or the flasher in Root Essentials 3. Still present after update Sent from my S7 Edge using XDA Labs
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    Post [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5] Live Wallpapers [27/10/2020]

    AHH OK, the 2018, there you have to take the alternate 8.0 apk... ;) don't forget to give manually the location permission...
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    Post [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5] Live Wallpapers [27/10/2020]

    I also have a S7e, presume you mean the Pixel 1 LWPs, right? From the 2016 LWPs you have to take the Universal APKs for all devices then to be able to set the LWP also on the lockscreen you have to use the Live wallpaper picker for home & lock...
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    Post [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5] Live Wallpapers [27/10/2020]

    You can't take a logcat with the Win 10 CMD, instead use Minimal ADB and Fastboot from here and put it in the root of C: - in this folder you'll find the logcat.txt... comand1: adb devices (to check your phone is recognized) comand2...
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    Post [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5] Live Wallpapers [27/10/2020]

    Hi, i'm using the stable Pixel 3 WPs on my S7edge/Exynos with rooted Stock Oreo. some work fine, but some are FCing. attached my logcat...
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    Post [Recovery][Exynos] Official TWRP for Galaxy S7 edge (hero2lte)

    THX a lot for sharing the files and info :good: Now FULL BACKUPS are no problem anymore :D
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    Post [G800F/M/Y][ROM][8.1.0][OPM2] LineageOS 15.1 for G800F/M/Y [Alpha]

    last available LOS 15.1 build from Andrea224 is why don't you just copy the content from your card to pc and format it FAT or FAT32 ? flashing every kind of rom takes much longer :)
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    Post [G800F/M/Y][ROM][8.1.0][OPM2] LineageOS 15.1 for G800F/M/Y [Alpha]

    first off all you should take the twrp that was build for oreo v3.2.1.-0... :D
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    Post [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5] Live Wallpapers [27/10/2020]

    Hi! try these ones - i had the same issue with my S7 edge with the ARM64 apk
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    Post LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1.0) for S7 Edge build 53 18.20.2020.

    my older S5mini had support for the s-view cover in Lineage 14.1 - if i remember right it's called ,,Flip-Flap'' but it really looked poor
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    Post [Magisk][Samsung][Discussion] Thread about Samsung Device Compatibility

    i don't know if it was already reported : works fully on my S7edge G935F after factory reset + no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0 :D stock kernel/stock ROM