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    Post best gcam mod for redmi note 8

    I updated the config, now the colors are perfect and the images are no longer too saturated as in the previous config.
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    Post best gcam mod for redmi note 8

    Hello everyone, I found this gcam(trcamera) and built a configuration to make 3 cameras work (wide angle, main and the one for bokeh), in the future I hope to be able to make the macro work too. This Gcam works on Android 11 (personally tested, CAF Rom), I would like to have your feedback to...
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    Post Realme 5 in depth test apk NEEDED running realmeui for UNLOCKING Bootloader

    Hi, with this in-depth test app, I have the error "This model does not support in in-depht test"
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    Thread Lag problem on my Realme 5 with Realme UI

    Hello, Since switching to Realme ui with android 10, the phone has suffered from sudden lag and system freezes. I have to restart my phone because it becomes unusable. The problem is that it does it many times a day and with apps like Chrome. Is there any of you who have the same problem as me...
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    Post how to downgrade realme 5 realme ui to android 9

    This phone model does not support in-depth test Hi, I tried to run the in-depth test but the error message "This phone model does not support in-depth test". I have a Realme 5 and I followed the step by step procedure. Is there a way to solve it?
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    Post [REAL-STABLE] AOSiP DerpFest Ten Beta for Mi A2 Lite (daisy)

    there is build 1930, it is a test build. Here is the link ([/url] Bugs: Robotic audio in Instagram and when the phone changes from 4g to no signal, it restarts.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][DAISY][UNOFFICIAL][ENFORCING] Evolution X 3.3 [04/12/2019]

    I don't have this problem, are you sure you have given the app permissions? ---------- Post added at 01:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:56 PM ----------
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    Post [Shared ROM] MiNovo 9.12.19

    Telegram Channel Telegram channel:
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    Thread [Shared ROM] MiNovo 9.12.19

    MiNovo MINOVO 9.12.19 Changes from 9.12.12: 1. Fix Gcam 2. SeLinux - Enforcing 3. Play Store Certification Download: Download1 if the first doesn't thanks to Evolution. I'm...
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    Post [ROM][10.0][DAISY][UNOFFICIAL][ENFORCING] Evolution X 3.3 [04/12/2019]

    New fix for viper 4 android now try to install the magisk 20.2 which was sent on the viper telegram channel. This is the message sent on the channel: "To all users running Android 10 and experienced bootloop issues after installing ViPER4Android: John Fawkes compiled Magisk using the latest...
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    Post [ROM][10.0][DAISY][UNOFFICIAL][ENFORCING] Evolution X 3.3 [04/12/2019]

    read the post I wrote, to solve your problems with this rom
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    Post [ROM][10.0][DAISY][UNOFFICIAL][ENFORCING] Evolution X 3.3 [04/12/2019]

    to correct the error in the dialer you need to flash the magisk module "Google dialer framework". you can find it in the download section of the magisk. For fix v4a you must enable the first option in the viper menu. I wrote it in previous posts