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    Thread S7E xposed installation issue

    Hello, yesterday i managed to pass safetynet test. to do this, I have to uninstall xposed (installed with twrp). I have seen in the magisk app that there are versions of xposed (riru lsposed, edxposed, xposed v90). I installed riru v26 and then i tryed to install all the 3 module but the modules...
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    Thread S7E hardware mod

    Hi, 1) are there any hardware mod for S7E? for example, on nexus 5 you can replace the internal memory. has anyone ever tried to upgrade the camera? 2) where can I buy the original front glass? I don't find dealers in europe who specify that the glass is original. Thank you Andre
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    Post Xposed Module Recommendations for S7 Edge

    why a lot of tweak of Firefds Kit [Oreo] not work in my s7 edge?
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    Thread samsung apps, bypass root detection and more problems (like sms permiss of google services)

    Hi, thanks for helping me in the last 10 years. I have new problems. I search on the internet for the solution but I didn't solve it. I decided to create a new thread because I think these are generic problems and not due to the creator of the rom. Model: Samsung S7 Edge SM-G935F. SO: LineageOS...
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    Thread Hardware Modification, MOTO E 1st Generation

    Hello guys! I have a motorola MOTO E 1st generation. The internal memory is an SD card 2Gb, locked in a metal cage welded to the motherboard. When this smartphone was released It was rumored that a hardware MOD would replaced the SD, but Motorola had said That no one would never do it. I wonder...