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    Thread [GUIDE] [INSTAGRAM] How to get your NON-MUTUAL FOLLOWERS in text FORMAT

    How to get non-mutual Instagram Followers in text FORMAT Ok, so you just ended in this thread, CONGRATULATIONS!, You are as TryHard as me with these kind of things. In this thread you are going to learn how to get the data we all get in those "Non followers For Instagram" mainstream apps in...
  2. andres_vacal

    Post Help me recover my motorola g5s plus Android phone

    I worked with this model 3 weeks ago, and the thing is that in order to unlock bootloader you will need to go to motorola´s web page for getting a password. in this thread you will find how it goes. I untherstand that amazon's versions are unable to unlock bootloader so if you are into that...
  3. andres_vacal

    Post Answer a question, then ask one!

    Ford Ecosport 2014 Titanium ( the only car i've owned) What feature do you miss from old Android versions?
  4. andres_vacal

    Post SDCARD BOOT? help me understand....

    Wow very good question, honestly it doesn´t sound to easy.
  5. andres_vacal

    Post Nokia 3 fastboot boot loop

    I think so
  6. andres_vacal

    Post Nokia 3 fastboot boot loop

    That means there is nothing to wipe.
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    Thread Android's Talkback | Does anyone uses it or know someone who use it?

    I have never seen anyone using that feature in my life, what do you guys think?, should it be removed?
  8. andres_vacal

    Post iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV cannot be used without internet

    The Wifi to set-up thing is because of the high security IOS devices have, this makes your phone impossible to steal, for example if your Iphone gets stolen, the thief will need the password, and if he dont have it, he will need to reset and when he want to set up the phone again he will face...
  9. andres_vacal

    Post Android becoming closed source?

    I really don´t think so, but I think (in the future) that using certain features and having full access to the device will be more complicated, such as Huawei's devices, you literally need to register and get their permission to get the bootloader unlocked.
  10. andres_vacal

    Post Nokia 3 fastboot boot loop

    Very good man, sure this is the right track, so try to flash the zip files you tried before and remember before you try to flash a zip: wipe data, cache and Dalvik ONLY for the system not to have any remanents of the previus flash.
  11. andres_vacal

    Thread Lineage 17.1 Render / video problem

    Hi Xda, I have been using Lineage 17.1 for some time everything works perfectly fine. The issue comes when i want to upload an instagram (Story) or a Whatsapp (status) uploading just fails. I already did all the possible fixing solutions with nonrelated OS possible problems (connection, app...
  12. andres_vacal

    Post Nokia 3 fastboot boot loop

    My god... Probably (as spected) the zip file is not flasheable through fastboot. Are you sure you wiped data, cache and Dalvik for each and everyone of the files you tried to flash through TWRP? And also on stock recovery? Edit: If I'm honest with you I'm just running out of knowledge, we can...
  13. andres_vacal

    Post Nokia 3 fastboot boot loop

    It seems to have some issues, is it the only TWRP version available?, Sometimes roms are flashed able through fastboot commands, try out that.
  14. andres_vacal

    Post Nokia 3 fastboot boot loop

    Try out another version of TWRP, and make sure its flasheable via TWRP (not stock recovery)
  15. andres_vacal

    Post Nokia 3 fastboot boot loop

    Let's just hope the firmware you found actually works😂