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  • Hello AndrewSh
    You can help me solve this problem after Cooked ROM? I have port xip and sys-ROM after cooking and then up prompt. Sneakoscopes lost my phone and It appears on the screen with the word.
    "Cprog.exe" is not avalid Pocket PC appication.

    Thanks in advance
    hi andrew can u plz give me a link for downloading sys 28230 dpi 96 wwe.tried a lot a get a link for the same failed.some ppl give a link,but the sys r not cooking.
    hi andrew
    I am sorry sor....but the xip bin u had provided is not working for me.did u check it sir?
    Thanks for the XIP tool Andrew.

    BTW, my family tree originates from Russia, and Minsk has been mentioned by my father as the city where his father grew up ;)
    AndrewSh - do not let nabs to make you angry, it is method for losing whole will.
    hi man thank you for the great rom,but i cant download from this bad site rapidsahre,can u plz upload it to another site!i waiting for plz,cause im triying to download the rom but the bad site rapidshare does not work!i want the last one wm6.5 for asus p525 thanx
    big thanks for making all this possible.
    Sinse u have talked on that topic abt asus P525 getting frequent switch off. I had the same prob too. And i fixed a small paper in that small switch in in the batters compartment and it helped me for a month and again i am having the same prob, and thinking to take off the switch. is this a good idea?
    Would love to hear from u
    Thank u in advance
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