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    Post Xiaomi mi A3

    what are you trying to do? dont use Mi flasher... use Qfil.
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    Thread Flash Everything

    Hello guys. My Mi A3 is on a11 (the build) and I would like to flash a functional recovery,a nice a11 custom rom and root it correctly...without break the system. I was in Cherish OS and with the Skyhawk recovery installed,but the recovery installation break the wifi... and when i try...
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    Post [BEST][GCAM7.3][Port For Redmi Note 9 Pro/S][CURTANA][JOYEUSE]

    a version of Gcam that works with the 48 mpx mode?
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    Post [RECOVERY] TWRP by LR.Team/wzsx150 (v3.3.0 April 21st)

    The EFS partition is where the IMEI is. Nobody going to give you that.
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    Post [RECOVERY] TWRP by LR.Team/wzsx150 (v3.3.0 April 21st)

    Thank you very much for this. There is a way to make the backup in the micro sd?
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    Post [GUIDE][FIX][TREBLE]VoLTE and Call Audio Fix for GSI

    Hello there. I have a situation here. Im on a Lenovo Z6 SE. Recently i flash the GSI image of a Xioami K20 and works like charm. Works data,volume,fingerprint,facial recognition, all the features... But i have no line... When i call to anyone says to me"call ended". I know that this...
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    Post Updated [ROM] MIUI 10 EU Pie ROM For Redmi 5 Plus (vince) Unofficial

    Treble? Cause I would like to try some 9.0 kernel... Thanks for the port man! Cool thing you did!
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    Post port MIUI 10 (9.0) to Redmi 5 Plus

    For the same reason that a personal create a custom rom aosp pie... To add another possibility and keep the update process alive for the R5+.
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    Thread port MIUI 10 (9.0) to Redmi 5 Plus

    someone can port that? it could be good see R5+ with Miui 10 Pie ROM.
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    Thread Ubuntu-Touch

    Someone can port Ubuntu-touch to Redmi 5 Plus? [url]