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  1. androik

    Post [APP][6.0+] RethinkDNS: Anti-Censorship + Adblocker + Firewall [open source] [no root]

    Work fine in my RN9 Pro joyeuse, thank you
  2. androik

    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][TWRP-3.5.2_10-0] TWRP for MIATOLL devices [17/4/2021]

    Hi, does the first installation of custom recovery on a stock rom affect the data? I already unlock the bootloader and root the rom but I have the stock recovery is the recovery directly in english? thank you edit: answer, does not affect data and installs in English. Thank you(y)
  3. androik

    Post V12.0.2.0.QJZMIXM update review

    can we use the same boot.img file as the previous rom 12.0.1 to root 12.0.2?
  4. androik

    Thread Sound problem on online video (joyeuse)

    Hello, Small problem with my RN9 Pro Happy stock, every time I watch a video on YT, after a while the sound drops by itself until it is almost inaudible and then stirs all alone at the level where it was. It does this several times at regular intervals. Has someone already had this problem ...
  5. androik

    Post MIUI Gallery creating weird files on sd card

    Tried too but it is also only in English (I'm French)
  6. androik

    Post MIUI Gallery creating weird files on sd card

    I just tried it, it does not open. Reinstalled the previous version
  7. androik

    Post MIUI Gallery creating weird files on sd card

    Problem solved with this apk, too bad it does not install in the language of the system, only in English Thx
  8. androik

    Post Separate Forums for curtana and joyeuse. Poll open until 01 september. Please vote.

    Hi It would be more readable to have a section for Joyeuse, there is a plethora of models and in the current state we are a little lost, at the risk of using the wrong tools or the wrong ROM
  9. androik

    Post PBRP [Joyeuse][v2.9.1]

    Hi, there seem to be two PBRs on the forum, what is the difference between this one and the one in Kry9toN, I'm lost and don't know which one to install? Thank you
  10. androik

    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL[joyeuse][v3.0.0] Pitch Black Recovery [07/08/2020]

    Hi, I unlocked the bootloader of my RN9 Pro, rooted by patching the .img file with Magisk, now I would like to install a custom recovery. Does installing PBR format data like Czech TWRP found in neighboring forum? And how to install it with the official Recovery, the latter is not familiar to...
  11. androik

    Post How to unlock & root Redmi 9S & 9 Pro using official tools only - fully working

    Hello, A big thank you to you for this excellent tutorial, I did exactly what you indicated and rooted my RN9Pro Global :good:
  12. androik

    Post PBRP [Joyeuse][v2.9.1]

    hello, bravo for this excellent work, since the time we hoped functional custom recovery. Are all backup and restore functions functional, micro sd recognition, etc? ... Thank you
  13. androik

    Post MIUI 11 Stable

    thank you for the answer
  14. androik

    Post MIUI 11 Stable

    Sorry but having not received an answer to my question, I did not install the rom. By cons for your problem have you wiped the camera in the application settings ? Sorry for my english
  15. androik

    Post MIUI 11 Stable

    Hi, does this rom support Gcam?