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    Post [APP][MOD][Magisk][Root][NonRoot] iYTBP - YouTube with background play and much more!

    I'm facing the same problem and it is really frustrating I hope we get a solution in the next update
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    Post [STICKY] Feature Requests and Bugs List - READ RULES - No direct posts here.

    side controls on wide screens (18.5/18:9)
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    Thread side controls on 18.5:9 screens

    Hi, there is a nice feature that I have thought about. As you know, wide screens are becoming a trend, but when watching a video, the chances are that you will get black bars on the sides of the screen So I was thinking, how about moving the video controls to the side to get more clean display...
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    Post Need stock rom 4.4.2 for s4 mini 9190

    please use informative titles, that'll help people help you :)
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    Post Envy TouchPad NagashMod for Windows 10: the best tool for synaptics touchpad gestures

    Hi This works, MSI GL62 6QF synaptics touchpad but the problem is: the 3 fingers gesture are programmed to work if the fingers move in a parallel way this isn't all easy, could you add the option to use this with fingers not moving in a parallel way? for example, if I move my finger...
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    Post [Q] please help, very complicated isse

    solved by factory reset long ago Sent from my GT-I9192 using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post [KERNEL][I919x][CUSTOM][TouchWiz][KK4.4.2]

    Are you willing to add otg support? Sent from my GT-I9192 using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post [MOD][GUIDE][NOOB-FRIENDLY]Increase system partition size

    anyone knows which pit file has more than 1gb in system?
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    Thread Kernel for S7 to integrate IR

    As I knew, S7 will be shipped without that lovely IR blaster that's unfortunate, but as I was looking in the ebay I found this this an IR...
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    Post NEW S6 n N5 Project

    anyone experiencing data connection getting on by itself? it annoys me although i don't have APN settings configured
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    Post [KERNEL][I919x][CUSTOM][TouchWiz][KK4.4.2]

    Can you add OTG support? there isn't any kernel for I9192 TW KK that supports OTG + It would be nice if you take a look at this mod thanks in advance
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    Post NEW S6 n N5 Project

    Anyone knows if this ROM will be updated?
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    Post [I9192/0/5]-[Custom]-[Kernel][Stopped]-TouchWiz 4.2.2 / 4.4.2 Stock-[23.07.2015]

    So why It gives me exec format error when trying to excuete "arm-cortex_a7-linux-gnueabihf-gcc" file?
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    Post [I9192/0/5]-[Custom]-[Kernel][Stopped]-TouchWiz 4.2.2 / 4.4.2 Stock-[23.07.2015]

    The toolchain link you gave me says "arm" so i think this the cause for "exec format error", Am I right???