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  • Gia sou.Hi have you developed a rom for the MIO A702 ? Itried all of your roms for the A701 on my A702 but they do not work.Thank You.
    :confused::eek:Hi Ansar,
    There is a saying as follows " if everything else fail, read the instruction manual" Is there an instruction manual available to help me understand how to operate my new software on my phone, the vista 6.1 version?
    Hi Ansar,
    I installed windows vista yesterday on my p4350 htc.
    Great!!! but... how do I get my backup contacts back on my phone. I did a backup with sprite backup before the installation but the new version did not recognizing the back up. Also with incoming text messages it will not show the id of sender, and I activated the setting on my phone. How do I stop running programs in order to have more running memory as the memory program is not showing this option as in wm6. sorry for stupid questions as I am a bit old to understand all,
    hi ansar.
    my name is daniel and I'm from Romania. I have a mio a701 which I think is broken. I wanted to upgrade my ROM and accidentally I've formatted the Uboot. After this "realisation" of mine my Mio doesn't want to run. It opens into boot menu without problems, but from there I don't know how to do to revive it. So I need your advice and help in this problem. All I'm demanding from you is to show me the steps in repairing it. Oh, I forgot to mention...I'm running ScouterUT R48 Magneto. Please help me. You're my last hope.
    hi ansar
    when would you like to release wm 6.1 for mio a702??
    only the pure rom, not installed by many application
    please I really need it
    please help!!!
    i downloaded the File and run on my PC, all the way to the last step. error message "check your "ROM UPDATE UTILITY" how can i fix this
    I really like your Mobile Vista ROM! Only thing I miss so far is the M$ Voice Command, which I hope to find on xda-developers site. (?) How can I donate to your specific cause?

    I saw you also own (or have owned) a Mio A701. I have been looking for a dutch version of WM6.1 but couldn't find it.
    I put on my apron and tried to cook a dutch version by starting with your Mio_A701_WWE_WM6.1_CEOS_5.2.20755_Build_20755.1.0.0_Mobile_Vista_3.00_Premium_by_ansar next I have exchanged all mui0409 files with mui0413 files and modules I found in pharos_nld_wm6.1_os5.2.20758_b20755.1.2.3_m2d_opal image.
    I used scoterkitchen and I have a CEimage.bin file. Is there any way to verify this cooked rom will work?
    Hey Ansar!

    Ik had een vraagje; Ik heb die mobile vista rom voor tytn II van jou, gedownload. maar ik zie geen KaiserCustomRUU.exe bestand.. hoe moet ik daar aan komen? gewoon 1 van een andere rom? is dat hetzelfde?

    alvast bedankt!

    Groeten Eroz
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