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    Post Samsung Galaxy J7 Custom Rom, development, discussion and questions thread

    Hey guys!! I purchased a galaxy j700f yesterday and i found that the sound is very low. Somehow i found a tutorial to increase volume, but for that i need to root my phone and rooting the phone trips knox. :( So my question is if i root my device, increase the volume and unroot my phone (If...
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    Post [ROM][4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10.0 20150916 [STABLE BETA!]

    Nice work there guys! Didn't expect a stable release. I'm using I8262 core duos, and apart from the RIL bug, wifi gave me some issues. like, for example, it used to get stuck on authenticating or obtaining ip address. Or maybe this might be my temporary modem issue. So, if anybody could check...
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    Post [PORTED][CM11][RIL][i8262]CyanogenMod 11 With Working RILL

    This sucks. Time to buy a new phone. :rolleyes: :mad:
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    Post [DEV]Custom Enabler [I8262/I8260]

    Thanks. :) There are some bootanimations available for core. I am porting some boot animations for core. I will post them asap. ;)
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    Post [i8262] stuck at bootloop, can't access both download and recovery mode

    YOu're doing it wrong. lol :p To enter the download mode, press the vol down + power + menu button together. Now as soon as the vibration starts, release the button. And you will be in the download mode. :) Now flash recovery again and restore a backup :)
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    Post [DEV]Custom Enabler [I8262/I8260]

    How to add Custom bootanimations NOTE: A sample BootAnimation has been added. 1. Download a for your device 2. Open root explorer 3. Navigate to "/system/media" 4. Rename the original to 5. Paste your new bootanimation 6. Change...
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    Thread [DEV]Custom Enabler [I8262/I8260]

    Disclaimer: You need to be rooted. I've tried this on a deodexed rom (should work on odex, give it a try, you won't get bootloops, instead a blank screen which can be fixed easily) :P "PLEASE RESPECT MY WORK, DO NOT UPLOAD THIS TO OTHER WEBSITES, P2P, FTP AND OTHER MEANS OF FILE TRANSFER...
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    Thread REQ [Stock systemui]

    Hello fellas, can anyone please give me a copy of systemui odex and deodex? I need it for theming purpose
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    Post [PORTED][CM11][RIL][i8262]CyanogenMod 11 With Working RILL

    Great! All the very best
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    Post [PORTED][CM11][RIL][i8262]CyanogenMod 11 With Working RILL

    This build is un-officially abandoned. :/
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    Post [PORTED][CM11][RIL][i8262]CyanogenMod 11 With Working RILL

    Hey gody420 You must be knowing that novafusion attempted to make cyno 10 for galaxy core and they had somehow fixed the wifi issue so THIS might help you. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you
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    Post Vibration problem on I8260

    Bang it on the right side! (Power button side) by going in the vibration menu. It works!
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    Post [REQ] s5 framework

    Thanks dude! But can u please make a separate download link of the framework? I don't want the other mods in it! And also, did u test it?
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    Post [WHATSAPP WORKING] [ROM] [V3.2] SaMyKAT [S5 STYLE] Samsung Galaxy Core Duos

    t Nice rom there! My phine is loaded with alot if stuff and I can't afrird to do a full wipe! :( Can u please PM me ur framework-res.apk of v.3 of ur rom? And will it work properly with the stock odexed rom?:fingers-crossed: :confused: