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Recent content by ant0nwax

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    Post DeX Pad working with WQHD 2560X1440p resolution - evidence & solutions

    Thanks guys I am trying Note 8 (Pie of September) with Dell D6000 USB-C Dock 1) I confirm WQHD 1440p is greyd out for the External Monitor when i go to DEX Settings 2) I also confirm the D6000 Dock works with HP Laptop and same screen and cables at 1440p, so just not the right dock 3) I try now...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    Thanks, I flashed the Havoc two days ago, I have a solution with N-910V Snapdragon, MHL Adapter and WQHD Display... I am curious about finding a solution and discovering more Android 10 Desktop on secondary screen. For that I made nearly everything from this thread...
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    Post can't connect to VPN on my Fritzbox

    Hi Alessandro I have a Samsung Note 8 running on Android 9 and i also cannot connect to my VPN on Fritz!Box 7390 I am planning to change the Note 8 to a Note 10 in 2021 but this is something that could be fixed I found a thread in Samsung Community in German, that the Fritz!Box VPN does not...
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    Post Unable to change Mobile network (provider) [OnePlus 2 - LOS 16.0]

    No worries, I found a way to use that SIM card, my issue was different, But I dont remember how I did this, June 2019 and October 2020 :) Stay safe!
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    Post W10M Windows Update Issue (Error: 0x80070273)

    Resetted Phone: Nokia Lumia 925 Windows 10 Mobile 1703 Update 2019-06B for 1703 arrives and still get 0x80070273 Planned steps: - Interop Tools and Dependencies Installation - changing Registry to Nokia Luima 950 etc. - checking XML File maybe correct - trying Update agian
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    Post [HACK] Market Hack for Yarvik 10" TAB460 (and others?)

    yes please +1 i would like to get the firmware for upgrade to 4.1
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    did you at all look at the second forum post of this thread? i will not further reply because questions like this you could pay for at support :)
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    Post [Guide] Upgrade to Windows 10 15063, bootloader unlock, root, interop unlock

    For me for some For me for some reason the 4 Registry keys exist and I still cannot update to 1709, i am on 1703 and i got error 0x80070273 i also change OEMInput.xml according to another guide, still no luck its 6/2020 and maybe MS changed again something?
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    Post W10M Windows Update Issue (Error: 0x80070273)

    Hi, are you on 1703 or 1709 or did you dump your nokia phone... I have a Nokia 925 and I try this guide I changed the OEMInput.xml and could replace it on the filesystem I am already on 1703, but then i get this Windows Phone Update Error 0x80070273 I have set 4 Registry fake Keys...
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    modem update = network patch, i cannot remember which is the highest version, i dont own my P9 currently
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    go back to android 7 :) did you update the modem?
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    possible the gps is damaged? or can you restore factory P9 firmware for Android 7 and it works?
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    Post Windows 10 mobile otc updater

    Hi did you update Lumia 925 further than 1511 Version of Windows 10 ? If yes could you share a thread that you used? thanks
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    Post [GUIDE] Win10 Mobile (Semi-)Offline Update Project 10586.107 [UPDATED V5.3 beta6]

    Hi Peekie could you please share how you continued from Version 1511 to a 2020 january build? I am at the Version 1511 10.0.10587.107 build of windows 10 mobile on Lumia 925 and I tried: 1) Update through Phone Update: - Checking for updates... (5 min wait) - Your device is up to date. Last...
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    Post 10.1 discussions

    I am on a German VOG-L29 but not in Germany I am on I was at Huawei Experience Store yesterday They said for now its the latest and 10.1 will be pushed soon, maybe sooner to mine than to others because its German If I check for updates its says up to date is the Huawei Firmware Finder...