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    Post Amlogic M8 & Amlogic MX3 (MXIII)

    both of these boxes have since been updated to the Amlogic S812 processor M8S & the MXiii plus the M8S has also another model now available in the M8S+ with 1 gb lan port and running android 5.1.1. I have the M8S+ and can say its a great improvement on its predecessor. worth looking at if your...
  2. Anti-Matter

    Post M8 Amlogic TV box (geekbuying :~{)

    if using torrent use a vpn or I strongly recommend you stay away from torrents.
  3. Anti-Matter

    Thread Android Kitchen Version for 5.1.1 Lolipop?

    what android kitchen for 5.1.1 as title says what android kitchen will work with android 5.1.1 amlogic zip firmware it does not have a system file like 4.4.2 but it has a system.new.dat file thanks for your input Anti or is there anyway to root the device to ftp in thanks
  4. Anti-Matter

    Post [APP][2.2+][ROOT] Rashr - The mobile Android Flash-Tool

    is this any use for a bricked M8s smart tv box? I suspect not as box wont boot up flashed wrong image on now box loops the splash s812 screen tried trwp on sd card with a back up from its self prior to bricking it but its like it does not read the card. or any suggestions what I could tried...
  5. Anti-Matter


    hmmmmm no help??? only posted twice on this forum as I tend to try and read but neither time has anyone posted any pointers? I am trying to learn but this has me stumped, I've tried just changing the background picture with a 9.png same size but still wont install after its recompiled and signed ?
  6. Anti-Matter


    launcher hi guys I really need some help if anyone can help me with this doing my head in now..... I am trying to change the MediaBoxLauncher.apk from a T8 android smart tv box (the icon and the shortcut) the box comes with Xbmc 13.2 as standard so I've updated to kodi 14.1, but now the large...
  7. Anti-Matter

    Thread urgent help required please help

    Please help guys stuck here.... I've tried to delete malwarebytes apk from the /system folder (why it was in there is beyond me but.. it was) successfully un-mounted /system folder and deleted the .apk but i am unable to remount the /system folder again. I checked it was not running before...