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    Post Hotword not working, DND mode auto triggering

    I have the same issues (2 & 3) and I'm pissed
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    Post Missing "x new messages" on notification

    Hi MikeChannon I don't think this should be posted here. I created it from /t/whatsapp and it popped here instead of Q&A subforum maybe? Sorry.
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    Thread Missing "x new messages" on notification

    After a recent update, the "x new messages" text on the notification has dissapeared. It only works for 1 message, but not after receiving 2 or more. It's really confusing, as you only read the last message and you don't know what it's about, because it doesn't tell you "there are more messages...
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    Post Amazing Glass Screen Protector

    I just removed the ESR one after just 2 days. I hated it. Weird corners and felt too thick. I just installed this one, bought on the same date as ESR. Just 1€ and I'm amazed at how great it fits. I can't talk yet about durability over time, but for now I'm very happy. About dust, I use duct...
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    Post [APP][5.0+] Niagara Launcher – fresh & clean

    It's already there (bottom part of Favourites). It just takes a few days or a lot of use to start showing apps
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    Post [APP][5.0+] Niagara Launcher – fresh & clean

    I've been using it for a few days in my Nexus 5 with Android Pie. It is amazing and perfect. I've been looking for different and solid launchers for ages. Although Pie has a nice launcher, Niagara is spot on simplicity with ability to be really useful. Swiping right for shortcuts and having...
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    Post Remix Os 3.0 Mini

    I think, by a similar message from Jide somewhere else I can't remember, that the tester version for the mini is not Marshmallow. Just a regular update. Don't get your hopes up. Although I hope I'm wrong! ---------- Post added at 07:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:18 AM ---------- I...
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    Post [NO-ROOT] Any Third Party "Launcher" - TV Launcher

    First post updated with the steps. I hope it's useful to someone :)
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    Post [NO-ROOT] Any Third Party "Launcher" - TV Launcher

    Hi! Does your TV Box block the installation of third party launchers? I posted this because Remix OS does... The launcher app on the screenshot is called TVLauncher. It is gorgeous, and very useful. It has tiles available done by other users, so you save a lot of time. If you can install any...
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    Post No HDMI Audio- Remix Mini

    Hi, I'd find it strange that both Minis had issues with HDMI audio. So I would: 1. Download MX Player 2. Play a song 3. Put all volumes on the Mini to max. That is: -Through Volume keys -Through the Volume menu on the navigation bar (bottom right) -Through System Settings 4. Touch all Audio...
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    Post Remix Os 3.0 Mini

    The apparent problem is that the CPU chip manufacturer doesn't provide drivers for Android 6.0, so Jide can't update. That's what we get for risking it with a closed, official device instead of buying any compatible device and installing Remix OS as any PC. This is very similar to what...
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    Thread [NO-ROOT] Any Third Party "Launcher" - TV Launcher

    Hi all! As you may know, the Remix Mini (or maybe it's Remix OS) doesn't allow the use of third party launchers, so we're stuck with the default one always. Yes, it's beautiful and useful, but if you have it on the TV, it's not so great. So, very easily, I got a third party launcher to work...
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    Post The LG gPad 7 V400 Lollipop 5.0.2 is out!! !!

    After a few weeks, I downgraded back to Lollipop. Have in mind that I'm a Lollipop fan (Nexus 5) and did a factory reset after the LG G Pad update to make it clean. With Lollipop, performance is worse, and it's not such a visual/feature change than from AOSP Kitkat to AOSP Lollipop, because LG...
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    Post [ROM][N5][6.0.1]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum ★[08/21/16]

    Hi. I think people use Doubletap-to-wake, swipe-to-wake or other solutions like proximity sensor wake (as I do, check out Gravity Screen), in order to not use the power button. That way, you can easily see the time or if you have notifications. When you're done, you can double-tap anywhere in...
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    Post [ROM][N5][6.0.1]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum ★[08/21/16]

    Not here, it works perfectly. Tested with Youtube from Play Store (deleted the Gapps one, for other reasons). :)