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    Post [ROM][PX5][Q][10.0] Malaysk ROM for PX5 RK3368 with Android 10

    W3BM4N, there are several reasons. Most possible reason: The software is for older Android and therefore it makes stress running on Android 10. Try to find a substitute program.
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    Post [ROM][PX5][Q][10.0] Malaysk ROM for PX5 RK3368 with Android 10

    In my opinion it's worth the 10 dollars. At least the upgrade is 50% off. Bill Gates never gave discounts ;)
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    Post [ROM][PX5][Q][10.0] Malaysk ROM for PX5 RK3368 with Android 10

    Ishalljr, - Install lite version to test everything works - Send via PayPal 20 US dollars to [email protected] Choose the option "no address required" and your address won't be tranfered. Don't forget to add "Full version PX5 10 android". - Send an email to [email protected] with your device...
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    Post [ROM][PX5][Q][10.0] Malaysk ROM for PX5 RK3368 with Android 10

    Just to let you know. Installed Magisk lite to my new 9" Android 10 car stereo [URL="[/URL] via an USB-stick. It's a PX5 rk3368 unit with 4GB RAM and 64GB...
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    Post UMIDIGI Power 3 - Android 10

    Right now I'm stuck with installing Havoc-OS-v3.7-20200809-kenzo-Official (think it's from trying different ways...). Anyway I just see that Havoc comes with it's own boot.img (it's in the install zip), therefore I'm quite sure you can't succeed using the stock boot.img. Please try to inject...
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    Post UMIDIGI Power 3 - Android 10

    Some people seem to have problems to root their Power3, reason enough to just write down the procedure again. Maybe it helps some people who miss something in the previous posts... Regarding step 13 to 17: This is just to be sure you don't miss anything. In other words this might be...
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    Post UMIDIGI Power 3 - Android 10

    Rooting Power 3 (also works for F2, different ROM of course) Originally Posted by _cab13_ on, modified by AP756 Before starting backup all your data to a safe place. Because we start from scratch! Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any problems 1) Clean install...
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    Post Umidigi f2

    Android 10 and TWRP aren't compatible yet. /system and /vendor cannot be mounted. /data partition is encrypted. You can still flash .img and some zips that alter different partitions. Nothing I can do about it.
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    Post REQ: Forum section for Umidigi F2 (just released)

    I second that (waiting for my F2 arriving) Bye for now AP756
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    Post Failed EdXposed instalation

    Hi Dave, don't understand your problem, maybe it's the ROM version or something with rooting went wrong. Anyway, here is the procedure which worked for me: Install ROM 20190316, unlock the phone, install TWRP, reboot and clear data an caches, install Magisk V19.3, now install Riru-Core from...
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    Post Update .18-0

    Last version for WW use I see is Version WW_15.0610.1811.18 dated 2018/12/06 with a size of 2.24 GBytes. Just downloaded and installed (seems to work fine). Maybe you should take the chance to update
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    Post How to remove FRP Bypass Zenfone 4 Androi 7.0?

    One of these tools might help:
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    Post ROLL-UP -Joying 2GB - Sofia ( Non MTCB/MTCD )- Tips, tricks and mods

    I'm living in the south of Germany in an area full of valleys and hills. Joying 124N2, Software is 6.0.1 dated December, 15th (Kernel 3.14.0 also dated Dec., 15th), radio is set to Europe, baseband version dated June, 19th. The first 6 presets are set to 92,20 - 94.30 - 98,40 - 99,30 - 99,60 -...
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    Post ROLL-UP -Joying 2GB - Sofia ( Non MTCB/MTCD )- Tips, tricks and mods

    AF works, if... By accident I realized that the radio AF works quite well, if you preset the relevant frequencies in memory. My 40km test drive showed that the radio keeps my main radio station switching about 15 times between the preset frequencies without hearable drop outs. Maybe this info...
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    Post Joying Extra Tools apk - an apk to help you install mods, tweak your unit, etc.

    Hi surfer63, sorry to report another bug in your freshly revised adb routine: Shows me "disabled" despite adb is active. Rebooted several times before I recognized this behavior :-'). Thanks for your continuing work, much appreciated. My unit now is rooted and running the actual software. For...