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Recent content by apd

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    Post Accessories Does anyone have 80W wireless charger ?

    Thanks all - I've just order one too. Delivery to UK in 10 days apparently!
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    Post Question Confused!!!

    Starting from halfway down! If your phone is new, the bootloader is locked. How to safely flash? Read the threads on unlocking the bootloader. There is very little risk provided you have learned how to do it (and not much risk even if you don't). Warranty. I don't know. But you can always...
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    Post Question TWRP 3.5.1 not recognising USB-OTG

    I had a similar problem. My solution was to connect the phone to a PC and transfer the ROM zip file to the internal storage using adb push and then to flash it using TWRP.
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    Post Question Xiaomi 11 ultra heating

    Best not to charge it for a little while after submersion in liquid - you want to make sure the charging port has had a very good chance to dry out
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    Post Question HELP needed for unlocking the Mi ultra

    Run the unlock tool as an administrator - the only thing which solved it for me under Windows 10.
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    Post Question UK NHS covid app

    No need to root! But unlocking yes! That week's wait is terrible!
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    Post Question Chinese rom .. can i use it in Saudi Arabia ?

    You should be able to use it there provided that it has the correct bands you need. The Chinese ROM does not have Arabic language so you will be limited to using it in English. Once you have installed google play store (if it is not already installed) you can use all of your apps as usual...
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    Post Question About to buy a new phone and have an honest question

    This is an incredibly hard question to answer. Nobody can answer you objectively. I have always had 2 phones - an android and an iPhone. I've only recently got the 11Ultra, coming from a Note 20. I also have a 12 Pro Max. The mi is incredibly smooth - far more so than the iPhone. But I hated...
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    Post Question Thoughts on ordering from giztop or tradingshenzhen?

    There's quite a long discussion about various buying options on this thread
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    Post Question xiaomi.eu rom Stable or Weekly?

    Working TWRP in first post of the thread for the ROM here You need to change language when you've installed TWRP, which you do by clicking the 6th icon (3rd down on right) and then hitting the earth symol
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    Post How To Guide [ROM][MIUI][star/mars] Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI 11 Pro / Ultra

    Thanks - it seems to be working at the moment - fingers crossed!
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    Post How To Guide [ROM][MIUI][star/mars] Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI 11 Pro / Ultra

    Could I ask for a little bit of help, please I have installed TWRP. I then copied the 12.5.7 Rom to the phone and installed it. I went to reboot and it said 'are you sure - no os installed'. Lo and behold, I rebooted and it came back to TWRP. I can't reinstall the ROM as I can't transfer the...
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    Post Question Mi 11 Ultra, various simple questions

    Please note this is an English language forum Please don't spam the thread with unrelated questions .... and asking whether the S21 is better on a Mi 11 Ultra forum may not get you a balanced response!!!
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    Post Question I'm trying to UNLOCK to start global rom

    Those of us with the Chinese version don't get an original cable!
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    Post Question I'm trying to UNLOCK to start global rom

    If you're talking about unlocking the bootloader, I had a major problem getting my PC to show the phone in the unlocking software when I'm fastboot mode. I'm on Windows 10 The solution for me was to run the unlocking software as an administrator (right click on the exe file). The phone appeared...