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    Post Redmi Note 9 Pro (Global) vs. Note 9 Pro (Indian) vs. Note 9 Pro Max (Indian)

    Xiaomi are spectacularly good at totally unconventional naming of their products. I found a great YouTube video that does a good job of revealing just how confusing it all is here:
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    Post One UI home battery drain

    Thanks for link. It's weird though, as the app made by Policedeveloper on the Play Store has the same UI and same name, they also use identical screenshots with an old Samsung phone model! I wonder if they are the same developer or one has copied the other. I was using the one on the Play...
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    Post google assistant in unfolded mode won't make calls

    Yes, I have "Show More Content" enabled and as stated I have no issues making the call on the inner screen. (I am also based in the UK)
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    Post NewPipe For YouTube

    . This is a great player, I like how you can set the screen zoom and playback speed, also the on-screen volume and brightness. I think you should have posted this on the "THEMES, APPS, AND MODS" section though, but thanks for sharing all the same! .
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    Yeah I watched this video the other day, she's very clued up on screen performance in all her reviews. She does a very detailed analysis of the Z Fold 2 screen and she does endorse removal of the protector. Regarding your point about how smooth the...
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    Post One UI home battery drain

    Thanks for sharing your tips here. Which app are you referring to? Is it Package Disabler Pro? Searching "PD MDM" brings up a whole load of different PD apps on the Play Store. ~
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    Post google assistant in unfolded mode won't make calls

    ~ Just tried on mine, no issue at all, GA makes calls on both screens. ~
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    Post Crease imperfection

    ~ I feel like I am missing out!! No bumps on my screen at all, smooth all the way down. ~
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    Post UK Case thread

    ~ That's disappointing for you, can you send it back??? The images you posted show a case that's identical to those sold by various Chinese sellers all over eBay, in fact I bought a similar one for just £6 and to be fair although the back is fake leather, it looks quite convincing and has a...
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    Post Fingerprint sensor - anyone else finding it extremely bad?

    .. I am not sure they could have placed it anywhere else. An in-screen one on the front wouldn't be helpful when you are using the inner screen, and one on the back would be very awkward with the phone open, especially as the inner screen is probably used equally in both portrait and...
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    ~ I believe this is because some people might be tempted to use some sort of tool to initially pry the protector away (or a sharp fingernail) and obviously the unprotected screen is still easy to dent or scratch. But using a piece of paper around the camera cut-out is quick and easy. ~
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    Post Annoying notification

    ~ Yes it's easy! Just go into the phone's notification settings, look for the notification "Galaxy Watch3 Plugin" then find "Device disconnected" and tap "silent" or just disable the notification completely. Hope that helps. ~
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    Post UK Case thread

    ~ Regarding the Araree case, I guess that's unavoidable, it has to wrap around the hinge. It's one of the reasons I bought this case, as I also wanted to protect the hinge. The overhang doesn't bother me, I sometimes fold it right back. The way I use this case is only for when I leave the...
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    Post Chrome shows web pages as desktop tabs when unfolded but I want the old look back

    Ah ok, I think I might have misunderstood what your problem is. You could install Good Lock, and one of the modules MultiStar has some settings in there that you could mess around with (Also check the "I love Galaxy Foldable" section there too) ~