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  • Hi Aqrab

    "i order the 3000mah and payed for it

    but mugen sent me the 2000mah battery :mad:

    the 3000mah is 99$ and the 2000mah is 65$ :mad:

    i sent mugen email telling them about this

    edit: they send me my remaining money"

    Im wondering how long does ur 2000mah battery last?!
    Im thinking to get either 2000 or 3000 mah Mugen battery. Can not deiced which one to pick?!
    i've a question regarding jbed. I know its a bit off-topic because its about my new Samsung B7330 (WM 6.5 Standard) phone. jbed runs fine except a wierd problem which i experienced with Opera Mini 4.1: I cannot use combined keypresses like Alt+another Button (e.g. i want to press ** (alt+y+y) to switch Opera Mini in fullscreen mode. It just doesn't work, nothing happens. When The build-in JVM works fine but i prefer to use JBED. Do you have any idea about the cause? Thanks in advance!
    how do i install the stuff i cant find anything where they tell it it only says install this and install that but not how plz help?
    do you have this problem with M-beer or M-champa ?
    and what rom you have WWE or what ?
    because this only work in WWE (english) rom and few other languge
    Yes but when I open the M- Milk app WMP starts but then just closes and I didnt download any other ones
    did you do these steps ?

    1- for user who use window player
    -run window player
    -go to options/video/change it to Always/ and Check Scale to fit window
    -Exit window player
    -install the M-icons
    -install any one you want (M-Milk, M-beer , M-champa, ......)
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