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    Thread [Q] floating multiwindow on SIII

    is it possible to port the floating multiwindow on SIII. i have already used it on my Note I (n7000) and i think there is no other limitation other than small screen (than note)
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    Post {BATTLE}--> Show your quadrant/Aututu/SmartBench score!!!![{ HTC Sensation }]

    7626 antutu with 1.7ghz clocking
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    Post [Q] [q][about 3g]

    thanx for the reply. it seems that i have to help myself.....
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    Thread [Q] [q][about 3g]

    i know that this not the places for questions. but in many places it was posted. no one acted. so i think this is the best place for it. plz someone refer it to any dev... although our sensation has front camera and 3g network chipset, why cant we just make 3g calls directly from out dial pad...
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    Post [Kernel]Sense ICS(v013)OC~1.73GHz/UV/ZRAM/Intellidemand/FauxSound![Mar-21]

    boss i am getting fps more than 74 in 3d and 75 in 2d.
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    Post [Q] 3G call from htc sensation

    Exactly that is badly needed by me and also many users. Please devs do something. As sensation has front camera and 3G network detection so i think it will be very soon available to make 3g calls.
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    Post help!! noob trying to install stock rom

    s-off is necessary for super cid. since you are trying a rom other than your carrier you need super cid and so you need s-off.
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    Post Sensation XE RUU flash doesn't work

    just downgrade the base version, install ginger bread rom and then try flashing stock ruu. worked for me.
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    Post [SPLASH] Series of Splash for HTC Sensation (XE)

    what a great job bro!!!!!!
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    Post [Q] is it possible to charge external device via sensation without usb otg?

    No the hardware of HTC sensation is not suitable (till now observed) for giving output through otg cable. Thats why whie using otg by SebastianFM kernel you need external power source.
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    Post [APP]Sense 4.1 Camera from the One X [08.13.12 Screenshots]

    Really nice work bro. Still have to modify camera script for full functionality. Overall great work. And also thanx to devs related to original post.