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  • Hey Arag0n85,
    Thanks for your response, I did soft reset the device and it is ok now. Could it be a case of if the buttons of the volume up key and the camera button being depressed while it is booting could cause this. I am just curious.
    Hi Arag0n85,
    Your rom is fantastic and I really love it and It worked perfectly until I rebooted and it is like my TG01 is now in the safe mode of some kind. I can receive calls, check contacts, access the comm manager with the sense ui, but all the home screen, the weather, the menu at the bottom of the interface is not showing. I can't access the start menu either. What could have happened and How do I fix this. I am in need of your help. Regards.
    give me your location and i will send you a mail for your work! i hope more people will see what you do and donate your work!
    Ty very much ^^

    But the right now rom it's just a step fordware for rebranding. It's not a completly full rom.
    Yes, once the download mode has started you can let it out and place the back tape to protect your mobile phone against battery drops.
    Thanks ara
    but Default
    But Can i connect it temporally and after it enter donwload mode i can let it out? I don't want have any welds ....
    I mean that i just keep a wire to shorten pin1 and pin3 by hand
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