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    Post Moto G XT1068 Got Lollipop (Indian MFN test started)

    Ok, cleaned up a bit, Instead of reacting to posts which provide nothing or are insulting, please use the report-function!
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    Post [ROM] [5.0.2] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 5.0 [ALPHA1]

    I want to invite some users to read XDA-rules again, the link can be found in my signature. I understand why people tend to post their qestions here, they think the developer will answer sooner, but by spamming a dev-thread with those questions will mostly lead to the opposite and as you can see...
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] Unofficial CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies , RC and SNAPSHOTS [STABLE]

    Cleaned the thread a bit because people are forgetting this thread is about cm11 development and not cm12. Also, quit whining about when something will be released, it's irritating!
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1_r1][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12.1 Lollipop - Amami [LMY47V][2015/04/24]

    Ok, cleaned up the mess from today. As mentioned before, this is a development-thread, if you have issues with another member, take it to pm and keep the thread neat and tidy!
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    Post Note 4 vs Nexus 6...

    Cleaned up a bit, be respectful
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    Post Data Governor Killer/Remover

    Thread closed
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    Post Indian lollipop not yet started

    Thread closed.
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    Post [Share][App]Free mobile recharge

    For the ones questionning this, it's real, no scam, so no need to report this.
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    Post Yay no more miscellaneous battery drain!

    Thread closed, please continue in mentioned thread.
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    Post Need lollipop firmware

    No need to spam the fora with this 'question' Closed
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    Post [lollipop stock recovery] How to enter lollipop stock recovery menu

    Thread closed, no need for a new thread
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    Post [ROM] CM 12.x (Android 5.x) for moto_msm8960 A-family KKBL/JBBL

    Cleaned the offtopic, If you have other things to discuss, take it somewhere else. Hmm, sounds familiair?
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    Post [UPDATE] Moto G XT1033 Android Lollipop Update

    Keep it nice in here guys! If I see users starting demanding again the thread will get locked!