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    Post [App] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    It's perfect working for me on the X3 on pe March 15build. Just checked, I have video stabilization enabled too
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    Post A combined forum for Realme 7 and Narzo 20 pro

    This is much needed just like the 6 and 6i.
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    Thread Gcam 7 for Realme 7 Here is the Google drive link of the one in using. Everything Works perfectly except slow mo Set back camera 2 id to 4 and turn the settings off
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][11.0][12.0][kunlun2][kunlun2_row] Pixel Experience for Lenovo Z6 Lite/K10 Note[AOSP]

    When you get the your device is corrupted warning see if there's written, press power key to boot written below that. Just press power key. And to disable the red warning see this
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    Post How to remove bloatwares and preloaded apps?

    Unable to remove app market. Throws an error
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    Post Help with Lenovo Z6Lite , erase all before download in QFIL

    Unlock bootloader before flashing anything. It can always be locked later
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    Post Gundam theme (Oppo Reno Ace)

    Didn't work Didn't work
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    Thread No 7.2 on the Nokia update roadmap

    Even my 6.1 plus received the update today. I couldn't find any news about android 10 on the 7.2, the official roadmap have no mention of 7.2 and 6.2
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    Post [PORT][APP] OnePlus 5 Camera Port for Motorola One Power (Chef)

    Not optimised for 720p displays. Not a problem tho
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    Post [GCam] Nokia 7.2 Google Camera port by Balu

    BSG's 7.2 works great. Everything is working fine
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    Post Fixed.. Ghost Touch ?? Automatic Touches Problem ?

    I did this but now I cant turn on either wifi or hotspot
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    Post [NEWS] Mi A3 Android 10 [Re-released](4th Time) (With Analysis and Discussion)

    Why are y'all fussing about android 10. Only 1or 2 android one devices got the update. Even Nokia's newly launched 7.2 is on pie when Nokia is known for providing very fast updates. The update will come eventually, no need to hurry
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    Post [STABLE][RCS]Enable RCS On Mi A3(Working on Airtel IN)

    I didnt get any message at the bottom of the screen. And it shows chat features arent available