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    Post [EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 06/30/2021

    how should i install it? what is the installation method? its been a long time i haven't installed new roms on my note 4 and i have forgotten everything about custom roms 🤔
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    Post [THEME] MIUI 9 | By -The Egyptian Boy-

    can anyone tell me where i can fine Samsung Themes On note4?
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    Post [Discussion] Too many ROMS, which one are you using and why ?

    hi all im looking for a rom with cool themes like MIUI , but non of MIUI roms work good for me :| what do u sugest?
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    Post MIUI 8 For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (support all Exynos variant)

    hi every one i flashed this rom but eventho i changed the language to English , there are chinies in some sections. what should i do? also there is no google play app and google synce i also have root problem i instaled super su but titaniuom back up doesnt find root permision i cant call any...
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    Post [ROM][WWE][26.02.2010] Miri WM 6.5 21893 :: MANILA 2.5 :: REV 22.0 [DISCONTINUED]

    download links dont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Post [Oct 31]Steve's MeeGo on HD2 Updates .

    cotulla left?! he made an impression on hd2 without him hd2 wouldn't be what it is now! cotulla only works on htc devices?
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    Post [Q&A][i9505] Knox Q&A / Discussion Thread - ask questions here!

    hi all i have s4 9515 i wanna know that can i use costume roms of 9505 for my 9515? as i searched there is no differentes between 9505 and 9515 (maybe there is! if yes plz let me know) i wanna use custom roms and i dont know if 9505's roms r fully compatible with 9515 or not plz help me! thx :)
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    Post [26.JAN.2013║ROM] myMIUI 16 B1 [MAGLDR/CLK║Dorimanx║GB║myMIUI IDE©║zipA║MultiLang]

    is v16 latest one? its been long time that there is no update :( ---------- Post added at 05:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:38 PM ---------- by the way [SCRIPTS]CronMod-INT2EXT patch works grate on this rom , unlimmited ext storeg with exelent speed!! if u have problem with small...
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    Post [26.JAN.2013║ROM] myMIUI 16 B1 [MAGLDR/CLK║Dorimanx║GB║myMIUI IDE©║zipA║MultiLang]

    its a good rom but I couldn't have a good install data-ext doesn't work battry drain is too much actually at start up charging has problem, even when devise is connected to charger there is battery drain !!! I was restoring apps and I had 23% battery so i plugged charger to charge my devise...
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    Post [13.Feb.12][MAG/cLK] NDT MIUI 2.3.7 DEVELOPMENT V48.0|STABLE V6.0

    turn to mute hi :) thx for ur awsom rom :) its a grate rom but i wish it hat turn to mute ability
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    Post [6/March/'12][SD/MAG][JaguarMIUI-V21(MIUI 2.3.2)][ACA823][GB 2.3.7][ICS Theme]

    hey is there any nand bild available ? i searched but nothing found pls if there is a thread link me btw java doesnt work
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    Post [6/March/'12][SD/MAG][JaguarMIUI-V21(MIUI 2.3.2)][ACA823][GB 2.3.7][ICS Theme]

    grate bild , thx :) where can i find a nand vesion of this bild? could u pleas give me the link thx :)
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    Post [6/March/'12][SD/MAG][JaguarMIUI-V21(MIUI 2.3.2)][ACA823][GB 2.3.7][ICS Theme]

    well in my idea jaguar's builds are the best and the most beautiful build that make me use them but the only problem that i have is battery drain i use another build too NexusMexus v2 at night when i wanna go to bed i check battery present and it is for example 50%, i don't connect it to charger...
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    Post [6/March/'12][SD/MAG][JaguarMIUI-V21(MIUI 2.3.2)][ACA823][GB 2.3.7][ICS Theme]

    does it support arabic? coz in last bild arabic was shown like this ا ل س ل ا م but it should be like this السلام is it fixed now?