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    Post Random mobile network dissconnect when using GPS navigation?

    Updates: Network Reset - didn't help Flashing Official Global ROM 12.5.2 - didn't help I am now thinking it is maybe a hardware problem... but it is still strange that immediately after restart, it will work fine for at least few hours (even few days sometimes). Also still cannot figure how...
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    Thread Random mobile network dissconnect when using GPS navigation?

    K20 pro, MIUI 12.5.5, stock china ROM not rooted I am getting random mobile network dissconnects on both sim cards sometimes few times a day and sometimes only once a week or so. It happens only while navigating. If I kill the navigation app (Waze or Google Maps), the network comes back in few...
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    Post Google Assitant notifications not showing after MIUI 12

    Poping here to say the issue self resolved after MIUI 12.5.5.
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    Post Google Assitant notifications not showing after MIUI 12

    It is and as I said - I do get sound notification and "G" icon on the Always On Display, but after unlocking the phone - there is no notification at all (what the reminder was about for example). I read suggestion that disabling the global dark mode helps - well - it didn't.
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    Post Google Assitant notifications not showing after MIUI 12

    Ah, posted by mistake here, but in this case I am almost sure it will not matter if the device is K20 or K20 pro. My not stock launcher actually improves the situation a bit (on the stock, I am NOT getting ANY notification, not sound and not icon on the AOD)... Still, thanks - you are right...
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    Thread Google Assitant notifications not showing after MIUI 12

    I am using K20 pro on Official China ROM MIUI and POCO Launcher 2.0 After the update to MIUI 12 and using the stock Launcher I stopped receiving notifications from reminders from Google Assistant... Using POCO Launcher 2.0 - it gets bit better - I get notification sound and Google...
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    Post MiUi 12 stable on china ROM missing navigation bar?

    Thanks, I will try! Had a slight suspicion that might be the case... ;) P.s.: Worked! Thanks again!
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    Thread MiUi 12 stable on china ROM missing navigation bar?

    I got updated yesterday to MiUi (QFKCNXM) stable on china ROM and I cannot get the new navigation bar to appear as shown on this video: https://youtu.be/WrHssQRaIYc I still have the regular navigation guesstures but not the bar... Is it only me?
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    Post 256gb pro for £329, anything I need to be aware of?

    Are you referring to K20 pro? If so and since you are quoting the price in GBP - you should be aware that some mobile service 4G bands are not supported in the UK by this device - check if that is the case with your provider. Else the price seems reasonable to me. Changing the ROM shouldn't be...
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    Post [TOOL] Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools

    Thank to the developers for this great tool!:good: I got the same problem - K20 pro, MiUi 11 and Android 10 - stuck on "Looking for devices" and it used to work before. :eek:
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    Post Standby drain

    K20 pro (stock) + Mi Band 4 connected all the time... I was getting 5-7% overnight drain until I realized that it is whatsapp that was scheduled to backup every night, changed it to weekly and tonight it dropped only 1% for about 8 hours.
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    Post [GUIDE] Google Backup - Waiting to backup

    Thanks to the original author! Aslo didn't work for me (Redmi K20 pro) - returned transport error. Then I did: bmgr transport com.google.android.gms/.backup.BackupTransportService - > also failed with transport error.
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    Post Multitasking/RAM

    You can try by disabling MIUI optimisation from developer options. I did and looks like most of my apps are staying in the memory until I close them (but not games, I am talking of google maps, Facebook, browser, etc.).
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    Post Redmi K20 Pro [MIUI 11 | | 12.1.16 ,Unlock Bootloader,TWRP,ROOT]

    If I may ask a noob question: I don't need TWRP and root, but only to need to change from China to India (Global) ROM, can I only: 1. Unlock 2. Use MiFlash tool to flash - first Recovery (india) and then Fastboot (india) That will effectively change to Global ROM and allow OTA updates?
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    Post Best site and price to buy it

    Thanks for the info! How did it take them to dispatch the phone? Because placed an order on Monday here: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/4428070?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000002.2.3ee769a0Bdd968 On Tuesday they asked me the same questions as you and I also chose the sealed box. Then I asked 3...