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  • k scratch that last post. after 2 hard resets and 2 reflashes of the solace ROM everything is back to normal. i just have to leave off the keyboard speed increase cab.
    hey asfoor
    you helped me out a while back when I was a noob at ROM flashing for my tilt, and I was wondering if you could come thru for me again. I recently flashed mbarvian's solace v3.1 ROM, and everything went off without a hitch. the problem started when I installed ATW's keyboard fix that was supposed to increase the keyboard speed. but instead of fixing anything, it rearranged the the symbols on my hardware keyboard. it's not the usual mix-up like when a new ROM is flashed. the symbols are now assigned to the keys that they would be assigned to on a computer keyboard. (!=fn+1, @=fn+2, #=fn+3, etc.) and some of the keys aren't even accessible on the keyboard, like / and -, so I have to pull up the symbol menu (fn+ok) any ideas?
    hey asfoor,

    I want to ask you how can i install windows mobile 6.1 or 6.5 in my herems is there any way beside the updateing rom, and if you can provide a linke to 6.1 rom for herems if there one
    Hey Asfoor

    I've haven't been keeping up with most of the activity on PDACornerUltimate but noticed that Reza changed your radio recommendation to Since I'm in the OC was wondering if you have found that this is working better than your original recommendation of radio Also curious what you think about the Reza's latest ROMs. I'm still using my dialed in V16. What do you think about his V20 (and possibly V21 if you've flashed it yet). Some of the new stuff looks pretty sweet but getting my phone dialed in takes quite a bit of time so I am hesitant. Glad to see you are still in the mix! Thanx my friend.

    נסה b16b ROM או ABUSALZA של V19 ROM. שתיהן נהדרות, ואתה יכול להוסיף תוכנית Lingvosoft כי היה לתרגם לעברית את ROM.

    b16b ME ROM of Jan 22nd is probably one of the most reliable and flexible ROMs out there. ABU has just released his V19, and I am testing it now. It has everything I need, however I find b16b ROM is a bit more manageable, I mean I added few programs to it and it is handling all the load without bogging. I am also loading V19 with hefty amount of programs and monitoring its tolerance. So far it has not failed however the Tilt froze one time so far when replacing the Calender. One thing I am experiencing with Abu's ROMs is that they take a long time to boot the ME; about four minutes. I think there is a conflict in one of the dlls and the sequence of iterations might be very long that it takes 4 minutes to get done... I don't know. i will test and report on the main thread of ABU.

    I would flash both and see which ROM suites you best and stick with it.
    I noticed you said the 1-22-09 version of AthineOS ME was the best you've tested recently. I'm on 6.(S) Did you try that and based upon comparison of 1-22-09, do you think I should flash the 1-22-09 version? I'm not leaving his ROM, just want just a bit more stability if possible. I don't have much to complain about with 6.(S) anyway!

    שלום לך ידידי
    תגיד הצלחת למצואה רום לקייזר שאפשר להתקין עליו עברית בלי שהוא יקבל פריזים מעצבנים?
    Hey Asfoor

    I am needing to purchase some hardware for my Tilt and have been searching the Kaiser Accessories forum. I haven't found a lot of good info there though. Was wondering if you had some good suggestions on what manufacturer and best place to purchase the following: 1) new battery; 2) desktop sync/charging cradle; 3) car charger/mount; 4) screen protectors, and any other hardware suggestions you might have. Thanx again for all your help.
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